Belinda: how many children does the singer want to have with Christian Nodal

She wants to be a mother. This is one of the great dreams of the singer Belinda, as he recently announced in an interview and that has surprised all his fans. With this, the artist who has made several albums throughout her career in the world of music wants to start a family with her boyfriend Christian Nodal.

Belinda Peregrín SchüllA Spanish singer but with Mexican roots, she began her artistic career from a very young age and little by little managed to become one of the most beloved and successful singers of the show at an international level.

In addition to being a singer, she has also proven to be very talented for the world of acting and that is how she got to participate in the children’s telenovela “Amigos x siempre” (2000) produced by Televisa. A year later he starred in “Adventures in Time”, “Complices to the Rescue” (2002), among others, would also arrive.

Over time, Belinda He became one of the most famous artists with thousands of copies of records sold around the world and with a fame that was growing more and more. He is currently a couple of Christian Nodal with whom he already has marriage plans.

The favorite artist of thousands of people, Belinda, continues to speak and recently gave an interview for Who magazine where he reveals some details totally unknown to many people.

In this conversation he told what plans he has with Christian Nodal. One of them is living what is the stage of motherhood.

I’m dying to be a mom. It is a wish that we both have and we already talked about it. I think that when that stage arrives it will be very beautiful, honestly right now it is more important that we get married and that everything happens in due course“Said the singer according to .

But that was not all, because he revealed the number of children he wants to bring into the world and raise them. To the surprise of many, Belinda wishes to have 3 children, although Christian mentioned that he wishes 4.

This was another of the questions that the couple was asked, but in light of this, they pointed out that they have not yet planned what the religious ceremony will be like because currently Christian Nodal has a tour in different locations. But that is not a problem for the singer Belinda who gives all her support to who will become her future husband.

“I want Beli to have the wedding of her dreams and for it to be as she imagined it since she was a child.“Said Nodal.

In the same context of the wedding, Belinda Regarding the dress that she will wear for that occasion, the artist confessed that she wants to have 3 different models.

I would be very happy to collaborate with Jacquemus because he is a relative of mine. In general, I want our wedding to be something very special and something that we will remember forever.”, He specified.

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