Bella Thorne revealed the challenges she took on for her new role on television

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Bella Thorne It was decided to open a different path from the one traced for him from Disney where he achieved fame with zendaya in the children’s series “Shake it up”. And boy did she dabble in different projects that include adult films as a director, music and of course, acting where she took on a new role.

In a recent interview, the 23-year-old star told Los Angeles Weekly what it was like to play a character so much like her in “Paradise City”, The Amazon Prime series. “Usually I don’t play characters that seem so close to me. I almost always play characters that are opposite to my personality, so it was fun to play someone more similar, but showing a different side, “he said.

As part of her experience in this new role that is already on the screens, she was able to find common ground with her, especially regarding not caring about people’s opinions. “It’s like she lives in a group of boys and I’ve always felt that way, like a tomboy. Lily’s attitude of ‘I don’t give a damn’ too, ”he added.

It is worth mentioning that Bella Thorne was one of the last Disney stars to embrace the flag LGBTQ+ when he came out pansexual. A Twitter user asked her if she was bisexual and she answered with a resounding “yes” after which she explored her sexuality until over the years she better understood how she felt in her relationships and found herself pansexual.

Since then the accusations against him began, the trolls of the networks and comments out of place. However, as she herself acknowledged, her own love is stronger than the opinion of others. She is currently engaged with Benjamin Mascolo, your partner for the past two years.


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