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Beloved Character Killed Off on ‘Bold & Beautiful’ This Week

Writers for Bold & Beautiful have fans scratching their heads about what will happen next. Producers have seemingly killed off a fan-favorite character while bringing back another actor after more than a year away from the show. Here is what’s happening on B&B right now, and what fans think might be next.

Ted King has returned to Bold & Beautiful after being on a hiatus. Ted has returned to the soap opera to reprise his role as Jack Finnegan, a criminal defense attorney. He made his first appearance back on the show during Monday’s episode and had a run-in with his estranged wife Dr. Li Finnegan, portrayed by Naomi Matsuda.

Ted King last appeared on the CBS soap opera in June 2023 before taking a break to focus on filming for Oppenheimer. He is expected to make his next appearance on the soap on July 12.

Ted King - YouTube/Maximo TV
YouTube/Maximo TV

His estranged wife on the show seems to be in the middle of a crazy storyline right now. Fans believe she is the one who poisoned a homeless man’s drink. Tom Starr, played by Clint Howard, has made claims that he is Luna’s real father. Viewers think Li Finnegan may have had the motive to get rid of him.

Poppy, portrayed by Romy Park, told Tom that paternity tests showed Dollar Bill Spencer, portrayed by Don Diamont, is Luna’s dad. However, fans believe that Li Finnegan may have fudged the test to show that Bill was the dad and needed to get rid of Tom to cover her tracks.

Right before the end of the episode, Tom leaves his drink out of view and is seen fainting. Unlike most doctors, Li Finnegan doesn’t rush to his side to help. Her reaction and potential motive have many viewers thinking she might have killed Tom or tried to at least. His future on Bold & Beautiful is not yet clear.

Bold & Beautiful Clint Howard - YouTube/The Drew Barrymore Show
YouTube/The Drew Barrymore Show

Others think this poisoned drink could be the work of Jack, Justin (Aaron Spears), or even Poppy herself. Some people think it could also be the handiwork of Sheila Carter, played by Kimberlin Brown, as she previously had a run-in with Tom.

For now, it is assumed that Ted King is back in and Clint Howard is out on the cast of Bold & Beautiful. While it hasn’t yet been revealed who was behind Tom’s demise or what brings Jack back, it is sure to unfold during the summer murder mystery storyline.

What do you think about the writers’ decision to possibly kill off Tom on Bold & Beautiful? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more soap opera news.

Source: TV Shows Ace