Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Teaming Up For A Movie About Michael Jordan

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Ben Affleck is an actor and director from the United States with a net worth of $155 million. Ben Affleck is a terrific actor who has accomplished incredible things. Affleck is most recognized for his portrayal of the DC Comics character Batman. In the early 1980s, Ben Affleck began his career as a child actor.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Nike’s Shoe Deal With Michael Jordan To Be Filmed By Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

According to reports, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will reunite on the big screen once again! People have learned that Affleck, 49, and Damon, 51, are set to write, produce, and appear in a sports drama produced by Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports about Nike’s route to signing a multibillion-dollar agreement with Michael Jordan. Mandalay Pictures, the performers’ production company, will also contribute to the film’s production.

The film will be directed by Affleck, who will portray Nike co-founder Phil Knight and feature Damon as former Nike executive Sonny Vaccarro, who helped the third-ranked show business get its considerable agreement with the NBA great in the 1980s.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter was the first to disclose the cooperation. According to the source, Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports are negotiating to conclude their agreement. The Amazon film, which has yet to be named, is based on the accurate tale of Vaccarro’s attempts to secure a shoe deal with Jordan during the latter’s legendary NBA career. On the other hand, Jordan will not be depicted in the film and will instead appear as a background figure.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

According to PEOPLE, Mandalay Pictures was the first to sign the original script titled Air Jordan, authored by Alex Convery. According to THR, Skydance Sports CEO Jon Weinbach “played a key role in securing Vaccaro’s life rights” for the film purchased by Mandalay Pictures Vice President Jordan Moldo.

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Weinbach previously worked as a producer on ESPN’s short series The Last Dance, which chronicled Michael Jordan’s career and achievements with the Chicago Bulls, alongside Mandalay chairman Peter Guber.

According to the source, Affleck and Damon are “currently revising the screenplay” for the unnamed project. Affleck and Damon have previously collaborated on screenplays such as their 1997 smash Good Will Hunting and The Last Duel’s most recent feature. In October 2021, the duo claimed that they took a sabbatical from writing together after completing Good Will Hunting, which took them a long time to complete.

“It took us so long to finish Good Will Hunting. We looked like jobless, broke folks. That script took an eternity to write. I believe we wrote tens of thousands of pages “On The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Damon stated. “We had no idea what we were doing, and I believe it put us off writing again because we didn’t think we’d have the time.”

“I believe we discovered writing that we had picked up a structure through the last 25 years of doing movies, so it went a lot quicker,” he said before thanking screenwriter Nicole Holofcener for her assistance. “And then we made the wise choice to bring along a fantastic writer.”

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