Ben Affleck said he’s tired of the big franchises: Bye-bye Batman?

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Ben Affleck He played the role of his dreams when he had to give life to Batman at DC Extended Universe. Many frowned when the actor was cast as the Dark Knight, but a performance full of intensity managed to convince the vast majority of the fandom that he was the right actor to play Bruce Wayne in the movies. Many welcomed him and nicknamed him Batfleck.

In this sense, and in the context of the controversy that began on the Internet where fans ask that the universe imagined by the filmmaker Zack Snyder for DC to be reinstalled, there is also room for another request: that the film of Batfleck will come true. However, it seems that the main protagonist of this story no longer wants to continue being part of the DC Extended Universe.

Goodbye Batman?

“I no longer want to continue making IP films, where you have a created audience. It’s something I was interested in and liked, but it’s not like that anymore. I like other people who do it and if you are doing it, you must love it. I love something different and I want to do that “, were his words in The Playlist that serve as a preamble to a probable farewell to his version of Batman.

The truth is that Ben previously said that he had already finished with the Dark Knight and returned to play him once more in the film. The Flash, starring Ezra Miller like the Scarlet Corridor. Also, the renowned actor stressed that he had a great time filming this DCEU entry. Maybe from now on Batfleck You are limited to small participations in other people’s stories.

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Since he played Batman, Affleck garnered some of the best reviews in his career for films such as The Way Back Y The Last Duel. While he won over world audiences with his work as Gotham’s hero, award nominations for different jobs should feel very satisfying as opposed to latex suits and gigantic green screens.

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