Ben Affleck: what happened to Jennifer Lopez after he ‘blamed’ Jennifer Garner for her alcoholism

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The actor’s statements Ben Affleck to the program ‘The Howard Show’ they continue to generate controversy. After the director of ‘Argo’ indicated that he felt trapped in his marriage to the actress Jennifer Garner And if he continued, “he would probably continue drinking”, not only social network users have been against him ‘blaming’ his ex-wife for his alcoholism, but it is already known what his current partner, the singer, thinks Jennifer LopezAbout your confessions, what happened in the hours following your interview?

After the questions and criticism he received, the ‘Batman’ actor offered another interview in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live show’, where he clarified each point and defended himself against all the complaints received after admitting that her unhappiness increased her dependence on alcohol.

Wednesday night Ben Affleck He acknowledged that he did not think about the consequences of what aired and that he felt that what was broadcast focused only on his statements about alcohol and his marriage and not on the parts in which he highlighted the love and respect he feels towards Jennifer Garner, mother of his children.

“I never want my children to think that I would say a bad word about their mother”He said referring to Seraphina (16), Violet (12) and Samuel (9).

“(That part) makes me look like the worst, most insensitive, horrible and stupid guy.”, he acknowledged and then specified that “I have to set limits” when the attacks involve their children, well “It hurts me” Y “It is the exact opposite of what I am and what I believe in”.

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The ‘Diva del Bronx’ accompanied Ben Affleck to the interview in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live show’, as highlighted from , where he clarified what he said about his problems with alcohol during his marriage to Jennifer Garner.

On the other hand, an informant a ‘Page Six’ that Jennifer Lopez “she’s angry” well “She’s getting involved in this just because she’s dating him. She doesn’t want to be dragged into this situation. “.

“She has met Jennifer Garner. He is trying to get to know her and her children. “added this source, because as is known, JLo maintains contact with Ben Affleck’s children and they even planned to spend Christmas all together and invite his ex-wife.

‘Bennifer’ rejoined in February 2021 after the actor sent him emails while JLo was in the middle of a crisis with Alex Rodríguez. JLo and the former baseball player announced the end of their engagement on April 15. After several weeks of encounters, Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They made their relationship official on the singer’s 52nd birthday while cruising on a luxurious yacht on the Mediterranean Sea.

They starred in the 2002 movie ‘Gigli’ where they fell in love. In November they got engaged but postponed their wedding in September 2003, the year in which they debuted together on a red carpet; however, the end of their relationship surprised everyone in January 2004. Then JLo married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and in 2005, the Oscar winner married Jennifer Garner.

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