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Ben Affleck’s Alleged Breaking Point in Jennifer Lopez Divorce Revealed

According to InTouch Weekly, the moment Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reportedly realized their marriage was in trouble happened on screen for fans to witness. A source claims this eye-opener occurred during the making of J-Lo’s documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

“The making of her documentary [The Greatest Love Story Never Told] was a real eye-opener for them,” the source alleges. In the scene, Lopez shares love letters Affleck wrote to her with her songwriters.

“Things that are private I had always felt are sacred and special in part because they’re private,” Affleck comments in the documentary. “So, this was something of an adjustment for me.”

“I don’t think he’s very comfortable with me doing all of this,” Lopez admits in the documentary. “But he loves me, he knows I’m an artist, and he’s gonna support me in every way he can because he knows he can’t stop me.”

This reportedly marked the tipping point in their marriage, putting it in its current state of uncertainty. Affleck’s recent outburst at the paparazzi suggests the attention is a significant issue for him.
(Photo: NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 30: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen out and about on March 30, 2024 in New York, New York. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images) – MEGA)

“They both sat back and looked at how different they really are,” the source adds. “While Jennifer loves being the center of attention, Ben would rather live his life away from the spotlight. At the end of the day, they both just want different things out of life.”

Adding fuel to the rumor mill, Affleck and Lopez spent the Fourth of July apart. Affleck was spotted going to lunch with his kid, while Lopez was across the country in the Hamptons with friends.

According to Marca, a recent report claims Lopez and Affleck have been split since March. Many are noting their lack of time together during major events like The Met Gala and Lopez’s promotional tour for Netflix’s Atlas.

Fox News adds that Affleck has been keeping busy amid the reports of his impending divorce. “Ben has been working nonstop and spending a lot of time at his office,” a source revealed. “He has a lot of projects he’s working on that he’s excited about. He’s quite hands-on with his company (Artists Equity). He really wants to continue focusing on directing, acting, and producing.”

Source: InTouch Weekly, Marca, Fox News