Ben Affleck’s Batman would have a reduced participation in The Flash

Ben Affleck's Batman would have a reduced participation in The Flash

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New rumors about The Flash, the long-awaited DC Extended Universe project, indicate that Ben Affleck would have a reduced role in the film.

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The Flash, the film directed by the Argentine Andy Muschietti and starring Ezra Miller like the Scarlet Corridor, it is one of the most ambitious projects in the world. DC Extended Universe from what it meant for the brand Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Those who are close to the film say that it will serve to relaunch the DCEU and organize your properties in a different way.

The film would be based on the plot of the graphic novels titled Flashpoint. In that story Barry Allen He travels to the past to save his mother from being murdered and that action of the hero modifies the present with terrible consequences. A global war between Atlanteans and Amazons, Bruce Wayne murdered at age 10 and his father Thomas taking the mantle of Batman while Martha Wayne He goes crazy and becomes the new Joker. Do youSuperman? Hostage of the USA.

Ben Affleck and a reduced role in The Flash?

Flash will travel through the multiverse of DC Extended Universe meeting different versions of the same character. In this sense, the case of Batman.Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton They will return to the role of the Dark Knight. However, recent rumors indicated that Affleck would have a minor role in the film.

Insiders point out that the actor from Gone Girl he shot all his scenes for the film during the first week of September, a short time for this kind of production if he had a leading role in the plot. Yes there was a chance a few weeks ago to see twice as many Ben Affleck with a new suit of Batman on an impressive armored motorcycle. Everything indicates that this version of the hero will have action!

On the other hand, the filming of the film left images on the set of Michael Keaton What Bruce Wayne, Ezra Miller What Barry Allen And till Sasha street in the role of Supergirl, a heroine who will appear in the film and who is said to be protected from 80’s Batman. The Flash promises to be a true festival for lovers of DC and those who enjoy superhero movies in general. I wish Ben Affleck have the participation that your character deserves!

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