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Ben & Erin Napier's Rule for Their Kids Divides HGTV Fans

Ben & Erin Napier’s Rule for Their Kids Divides HGTV Fans

Some Instagram users felt that HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier might be setting their children up for failure by keeping them away from social media until they were older. One user commented, “What happens after high school if they haven’t learned how to use it responsibly before they leave home? This makes sense before they become teenagers but I think it gets more complicated after that.” Erin, known for her role on HGTV and her no-nonsense responses to online criticism, quickly defended her stance by likening social media use to alcohol consumption. According to the “Home Town” co-host, it’s a parent’s responsibility to teach their children the importance of using both responsibly.

After being accused by the initial commentator of being “defensive,” Erin clarified that she was only looking out for her children’s best interests. A few months later, Erin returned to Instagram to announce the creation of a non-profit organization called Osprey. This initiative aimed to unite parents who shared her perspective on keeping kids off social media. In her caption, Erin revealed that even when her daughters grow older, they would likely only be permitted to use the most basic phone to stay in touch with family and close friends. She emphasized that social media wasn’t beneficial for a child’s development, as it can be highly addictive.

Source: Instagram