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“Benjamín Vicuña’s Heartwarming Photo With His Kids Gets Unanticipated Response from China Suárez”

Benjamín Vicuña Shares Tender Photo with His Children, and China Suárez Reacts

In 2021, after being together for six years, Eugenia “la China” Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña announced the end of their relationship. Although it was accompanied by rumors of infidelity on the part of the actress, they decided to put their differences aside for the good of their children, Amancio and Magnolia.

Now, three years later, they maintain a good bond and show support for each other when needed. Recently, after the Chilean actor posted a photo session with his five children (including his children with Pampita), Suárez shared one of the postcards on social media along with a brief letter.

Vicuña’s Book Honors Late Daughter

On April 26, Benjamín Vicuña released his book, Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly, in honor of his late daughter with Pampita, who died in 2012. The book was the culmination of a decade of mourning and loss.

In a photo session taken for the Chilean magazine Velvet, Vicuña was shown surrounded by his five children, who are his biggest motivations before Blanca’s death and also a way to keep her memory alive.

China Suárez Responds to Vicuña’s Postcards

Suárez, mother of Magnolia and Amancio, was quick to share the postcard with her ex-partner looking at their eldest child with love. The photo captured the affection between them, and the actress added a heart emoji with the caption, “My baby.”

Suárez and Vicuña met in 2015 while filming El hilo rojo. Vicuña was still in a relationship with Pampita at the time, but later made his relationship with Suárez official. The family grew with the arrival of Magnolia in 2018 and Amancio in 2020, but they broke up a little over a year after their last child’s birth.

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