Benzema Teams Up with Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi League Club Signing

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Karim Benzema Signs with Al Ittihad Club in Saudi Arabia

The Frenchman Karim Benzema recently signed as a new player with the Al Ittihad club in Saudi Arabia, stating during his presentation to the media on Thursday that he has signed with “great ambition” and hopes to “win many titles”. Benzema has won many things in Europe during his 14 years at Real Madrid, and he hopes to continue his success with Al Ittihad.

Although he has already accomplished so much in his career, Benzema is eager to play to raise the club’s level even higher. In addition to his ambition, he is also excited to experience the passion of the fans and people of Saudi Arabia, which he describes as “very hot”.

Thousands of fans eagerly welcomed the Frenchman from Algerian origin in his black and yellow striped kit at the Al Jawhara stadium in Jeddah. Along with other soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi league is recruiting these players for millions of euros in their new campaign to promote the country.

Despite the excitement of his new journey, Benzema remains close to his family. He expressed that they are “very happy” and even traveled with him to Saudi Arabia, as the country “opened its arms” to them.

The amount of money Benzema will receive for his contract is unknown, but Saudi state television Al Ijbariya indicated that it is a “record” contract, making this move a promising one for both the player and the club.

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