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“Bertín and Fabiola Reunite at Exclusive Event Amidst Singer’s New ‘Special Friend’ Controversy”

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez have recently made headlines due to Bertín’s special friend, Gabriela Guillén. The physiotherapist and model were recently featured in an exclusive for ¡HOLA! magazine, although Bertín denied that she is his girlfriend and stated that he is not in love. He did, however, admit that she is charming, nice, very pretty, and that he loves her very much.

Despite the controversy, Bertín and Fabiola were both spotted at an exclusive event hosted by the Palacio de Dueñas in Seville. The parade showcased the new fashion proposals from prestigious brand The IQ Collection, with many familiar faces attending, including Bertín’s ex-wife and mother of his children, Fabiola.

Bertín coincided with his eldest daughter, Alejandra Osborne, and his youngest daughter, Ana Cristina Portillo, at the event. Though he has not been captured in images with his relatives, it is known that he maintains a good relationship with Fabiola, particularly in regards to their two children, Kike and Carlos.

Fabiola, on the other hand, unleashed herself to Shakira’s rhythm after her latest “pique” with Bertín Osborne regarding his relationship with Gabriela Guillén. While she has assured the public that Bertín is free to do what he wants and does not have to explain himself, she did speak about his phone call to her regarding Gabriela. Fabiola stated that she wants Bertín to be happy, and if it’s something serious, they will agree with the children.

Gabriela has also spoken about her special friendship with Bertín, initially confirming to the press that she is with him and later stating that “in life, you never know what will happen.” While the situation is not without controversy, everyone involved seems to be handling it with grace and understanding, putting the wellbeing of the children first.

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