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Bertín Osborne, Esteemed Spanish Entertainer & Host, Delighted to Expect Fatherhood at 69

The Singer Bertín Osborne Expects a Child with María Gabriela Guillén

The singer Bertín Osborne, who will turn 69 next December, is expecting a child with María Gabriela Guillén, according to Lecturas magazine. Predictably, the birth will take place in winter, at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, since the businesswoman and model is currently in the first trimester of pregnancy.

This is the couple’s first child together, who will have five older brothers on the father’s side. And it is that the presenter of My house is yours had three children with the remembered Sandra Domecq and two with Fabiola Martínez. In addition, he is the grandfather of seven grandchildren.

Bertín Osborne and Gabriela Guillén

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– Fabiola Martínez gives her opinion of the special friendship of Bertín Osborne, whom she already knows.

The last public appearance of the couple occurred only two weeks ago in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville. Although they avoided posing together for the media, they attended the impressive party organized by José Luis López Fernández, ‘El Turronero’, on the occasion of his 60th birthday. At the event, which brought together 3,500 guests, Bertín and Gabriela met two family members: the singer’s ex-wife, Fabiola, and her eldest daughter, Alejandra Osborne. The latter commented that she already knew the businesswoman, who runs an aesthetic clinic in Madrid. Gabriela Guillén in a store in El Capote.

It was last April when it was learned that Bertín was excited again after two years separated from the mother of his young children, with whom he shared two decades. Although he has been photographed on several occasions sharing plans with Gabriela and she spends a lot of time at La Hacienda San José (a farm that the artist has in the Seville capital), he has never confirmed a courtship. In public, he speaks of the businesswoman as a special friend.

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– Gabriela Guillén and Bertín Osborne, image of El Capote

“I keep in touch with Gabi and see her from time to time, but I don’t She’s my girlfriend. We see each other often and we’re getting to know each other, nothing more. I think she’s a charming girl, a wonderful girl who works like a donkey to get on with her life,” he said in HELLO! when the news of their relationship broke. The couple met when they both posed for the clothing brand El Capote, of which the singer has been the image. It is a signature created by Rafael Dona Vega as a tribute to his father, the Venezuelan bullfighter Héctor Alvarez, and his grandfather, the right-handed Rafael Vega de los Reyes ‘Gitanillo de Triana’.

Bertín Osborne and His Work Endeavors

The news of his upcoming paternity comes at a time when Bertín is focused on work and on tour. 40 years are few. Last Saturday he offered a concert in Estepona and has more dates closed for after the summer season. In Madrid, he will be in October to review with his fans the best hits of his career. He is also immersed in the recordings of his talk show, in which he will receive Ana Obregón for the second time.

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