Best Characters in Elden Ring

best elden ring characters

Elden Ring is different from other games because it lets players choose the characters and design them however, they want. When making their characters, the players have a lot of freedom. As with any video game, character creation lets players be as creative as they want, but there are limits.

Of course, many players’ first thought is to make a character that looks like them in real life. However, some players have gone beyond to show their creativity in the virtual world.

Since Elden Ring came out, there have been many examples of this kind of creativity on social media. Even though making a character might be the least important part of the game, fans have taken it to a new level.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This guy does look like Sonic if, by Sonic, you mean the guy in a Creepypasta who paints himself blue and hangs out by the school football field in his 1989 camper van while yelling at planes flying overhead. We have to credit the person who made Sonic for coming up with his signature spin attack.

The sheer terror of this thing coming into your game and rolling you to death before you can even figure out what it is. This is why Elden Ring, PvP multiplayer, and the sliders for making characters were all made. Beautiful chaos.

Darth Maul

Ah, Darth Maul. At the turn of the century, the only way to be cool was to be stoic and have tattoos on your face. In Episode 1, which disappointed many fans in many ways, his lightsaber and nu-metal moves stood out? Even though he hasn’t found a way to bring his signature glowing melee weapons to the Lands Between, he has brought a general look that could make him fit in as the main character of any video game or as a member of Limp Bizkit.


One of the first important people the Tarnished meets is Melina. She is the newest Maiden character in the Soulsborne games. In the beginning, she deals with the player: if they take her to Eritrea, she will lead them there because you have no home. She shows the player how to level up and get the spectral steed that will follow them around in the game.

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Melina has a smaller role in Elden Ring, but she is still one of the most interesting and mysterious people there. She is made of the shadows, from her hooded cloak and scarred eye to how she speaks in riddles. She knows a lot of old, valuable information. At the end of the game, her heart’s truth is shown, and there are still a lot of ideas about how she has to be a false Maiden.

Margott, The Omen King

“The Omen King” is a lot to take in as a name. You could think of gods of death or monsters who control fate, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Margott is a demigod with horns who deals with both. The fate of The Tarnished depends on whether or not you had a hard time with Margit, the boss before The Tarnished. Margott is only his real name.

Even though the boss’s fight with Margott is similar to the one with Margit, this version of Margott is very tough. He is faster and stronger, and his AOE lightning attacks hurt like the devil, so much so that the player won’t have much time to hit him between dodging. Margott may be where you go to find a larval tear to level up your character.


When players first meet Roderika, she’s worn out, scared, and sad about what happened to her friends. This changes when players invite her back to the Roundtable Hold, where she becomes happier and uses her special gift to level up players’ Spirit Ashes. Her questline is something players will find heartwarming after a break from fighting the same monsters a dozen times. She is one of the game’s simpler characters.


So that you know, this is not the last grotesquely big chin you’ll see on this list. Thanos is, of course, an all-powerful supervillain in the Marvel universe who destroys worlds, makes cameos in Fortnite, and acts like Ron Perlman for a living. He is the only logical choice for a player character in a cod-medieval magical fantasy game. I mean, he is good at getting things that sound powerful.

Why are Elden runes and infinity stones so different? Based on the fact that this Thanos in the game always has a puzzled look on his face, the answer is yes. They are, yes. Mass murder is a pretty big goal in a game where a stern look from 30 yards away can kill you, and we don’t think this guy will be able to do it.

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Ranni, The Witch

Ranni, the Witch, is a mysterious blue woman who looks like a person. She teaches players how to summon spirits and gives them the key item they need to do early in the game. Players can get one of the most powerful weapons in the game from her questline, and if they could not summon spirits, they wouldn’t have been able to get as far as they did in Elden Ring. This makes her one of the most helpful characters in the game.


Fia is one of the characters in the game’s opening scene. Her golden hair flows around her as she lies next to a dead body. She is a friend at the end of life; if you hug her, you’ll get the Baldachin’s Blessing, which stops physical damage. Fia’s questline is one of the most interesting in the game, leading to the death of a very important character in the Roundtable Hold.

She does not seem as innocent as she is when the Tarnished meets her for the first time. Elden Ring can be a very lonely game, though, since all your enemies have better weapons than you and roam the open lands. Even though she works for the prince of death, getting a hug from Fia feels right.

D, Hunter Of The Dead

D is an undead hunter who can be found where the Bonebeckoner Mariner boss is. He sells incantations and tells players that Summonwater Village is full of undead. D is a strong warrior who can also be called in for the boss fights with the Black Knife Assassin and the Valiant Gargoyle. His presence in these fights makes him a helpful character on the player’s journey.

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Starscourge Radahn

Radon is the boss demigod who causes much damage and gives you nightmares. His character design is just as cruel as how he treats you during a fight. He has a red lion’s mane on his helmet and a big, hulking body covered in beautiful armor. The Red Lion General hits the Tarnished with arrow storms and gravity magic.

Radahn lives up to the fact that he is known as one of the hardest bosses. To beat the boss, you must run across a battlefield while he throws spears and arrows at you. If you manage to get anywhere near him, his insane speed and range of attacks will crush you before you can hit him or reach the point where he decides to turn himself into a meteor.

Spiritcaller Snail

Spiritcaller Snail is a very welcome sight compared to the other bosses he lives with. There are no big muscles and no area-of-effect attacks that will kill you before you know what hit you. He is cute, a giant snail, and he’s mostly calm, except when his army of sword-wielding knights shows up.

Spiritcaller Snail is also the most cunning person in the world. Even though he looks innocent, most players are fooled by him when they first meet him because he can make himself invisible. When you walk into his cave, the name “Spiritcaller Snail” will appear across the screen, but you will be greeted by the powerful weapon of a knight who is ready to fight.

Many players waste time fighting off waves of knights when they should be looking for where the Spiritcaller Snail is hiding.

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