Best Math Movies for College Students

 If you think that mathematics can’t be fun, you haven’t watched some of the best math movies in recent years. Even those who hated math in high school cannot resist one good movie about two nerds falling in love. They say that math is the language of our Universe. It describes every physical state and force of nature with uncanny precision. Luckily, one doesn’t need some fancy Ph.D. diploma to understand those complicated equations. He can watch some Hollywood movies instead. They skillfully combine science with love storytelling with some drama added to make things complicated. Here are some of our best picks or honorable mentions for you to enjoy.  

Theory Of Everything

We are all familiar with the life and work of Professor Hawking. It is his personal life that remained a mystery for a long time. When he was just a young university student, he enjoyed his everyday life on campus just like the rest. That is until one day he was diagnosed with some dangerous condition that will eventually leave him practically paralyzed. For an average man, this would be one devastating blow, but Stephen Hawking was no average man. He continued to be a tutor, a writer, and an author of countless dissertation papers regarding theoretical physics. His work will ultimately change our understanding of the modern laws that govern our Universe.

If you are not familiar with continuitxqy problems, or calculus equations, his work may seem quite ambiguous to you. Despite that, he had this literary gift to make these hard topics understandable to ordinary people. His every book makes calculus continuity problems or differential calculus equations seem like a piece of cake. Of course, his work wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of his wife Jane and their relationship is a central theme of this movie. Nothing clarifies those problems and solutions better than unconditional love from your sweetheart. Think about that next time you have some problem with a math lesson. 

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Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

There are not many math movies for high school students, but this one sends some similar vibes. It is about a relationship between one teacher and his talented student who needs some good guidance. This is also one story about human potential and some wasted talent and life decisions that can change your life. Every course, exam, or coursework doesn’t mean anything if you are not doing what you are made for. When young Will goes through some hard times, he is ready to squander his gift for solving math problems. Only wise eye-opening advice would help him finish school, graduate, and move on with his life. It is a story about not letting traumas from one’s past take control of his future and his dreams. 

Beautiful Mind

Only one year after the Gladiator, Russel Crowe transformed himself into an eccentric math professor whose faculty for numbers will one day win him a Nobel Prize. Professor Nash was living proof that any good grade or a solid GPA doesn’t mean anything. He read the whole library on campus, but what really inspired his math revelations was the love of course. Strangely, the term love often goes hand in hand with mathematics. As his mental illness progressed, writing essay papers became more difficult, but he managed to keep his delusions and paranoia under control with the power of his mind. It is hard to write the laws of mathematics, but it seems harder sometimes to keep any relationship between two lovers, no matter how much they love each other.

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As you see, one doesn’t need some college education to enjoy good old-fashioned movies about math. It is one genre on a rise. As coding or obtaining some science degree is getting more popular, being a nerd is not frowned upon anymore. It is actually considered quite attractive. Attractive enough to make some blockbuster movies about it. If you are a student who hates his math class, you will see things differently after watching some of these titles. Perhaps your new-founded love for calculation research will prove useful. Maybe it will propel you into an academic pursuit because girls seem to love brainy types these days. Good movies often inspire each student to choose his future career. If not, you will still have a lot of fun watching these movies. 

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