30 Best One Piece Arcs That You Must Watch Now!

Best One Piece Arcs

Regarding storylines, Eiichiro Oda’s well-known Japanese manga One Piece is a masterpiece. The 22-year-long series has developed into the greatest works of literature. One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most excellent manga series ever. It is among the longest-running anime and has an evident effect on the whole anime community.

 In addition, despite having a very drawn-out plot, many people continue to watch and like it. It has a massive fan base worldwide due to being the best-selling book of all time. It is separated into arcs, like most anime, and now we will list the top 30 One Piece arcs. 

Best One Piece Arcs!!

Enies Lobby Arc

The third chapter of the Water 7 Saga and the sixteenth overall in the manga and anime series One Piece is The Enies Lobby Arc. Are you curious why it is at the top of our list? For an excellent reason, it is regarded as one of the most delicate arcs in the One Piece series. To save their fellow crew members, Nico Robin and Franky, the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies attack one of the World Government’s centres of power. But they are opposed by the World Government’s whole arsenal, especially the hazardous assassination-focused group CP9. Many of the series’ leading characters experience a significant turning point throughout this arc as they all develop in some manner. The Straw Hat’s cherished boat, the Going Merry, is also lost during this arc. An intense emotional beat.

Marineford Arc

Marineford is excellent for several reasons, and thus it bags the second position on our list. It depicts the much-anticipated conflict between the World Government of Navy and Warlords and the Whitebeard Pirates. It represents a significant turning point for One Piece, leading to some of the most significant changes in the story. For its fast-paced action as well as the way it treats people, this arc is known very well. Nearly every character had adequate screen time and had either a little or significant impact on the plot. Additionally, the appearance of Whitebeard added to the uniqueness and fascination of this arc.

Wano Country Arc

The Wano Country arc, which is currently airing and is regarded as one of One Piece’s most significant, is expected to be the longest in the series’ history. It debuted on episode 890 and is still running now. According to the designer, this arc will last a number of years. Even though the arc hasn’t been finished, One Piece’s tale has changed tremendously. The arc will likely surpass the heights it has already attained when it reaches its climax, which is still to come.

Punk Hazard Arc

Best One Piece Arcs

When it comes to the Dressrosa Saga, the opening chapter is known as Punk Hazard Arc, which is appropriate for this list of the top One Piece Arcs. After responding to a distress call, Luffy and his friends are confronted with fresh dangers. The arc introduces more serious threats that will be handled later and illustrate Doctor V’s impact. This arc is one of the strongest and most significant in One Piece because of how it affects the entire mythos. Also, did you know? The Straw Hats’ first island confrontation in the New World is Punk Hazard.

Water 7

A lot is happening throughout One Piece, like adventure, comedy, sadness, etc., until Water 7. But neither of the arcs made up for what the Water 7 arc has in store for us. One Piece became a masterpiece after the release of Water 7. Not to mention the other bizarre events here, such as Franky’s persona, Tom’s tale, CP9, etc. Both the Strawhats and the viewers have experienced an emotional journey throughout the wildest turnovers that have occurred here. There are many tragic moments, such as Going Merry being beyond repair, Usopp losing money, Robin quitting the group, the assassination allegation, etc.

Dressrosa Arc

In the massive Dressrosa Saga, the Dressrosa Arc served as its conclusion. The Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the series’ most menacing foes, is also there. However, as they make their way to Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates and their friends are forced to deal with more powerful opponents. This is followed by the partnership that the Straw Hat Pirates and Trafalgar Law forge and the capture of Caesar Clown. In addition to the fantastic opponent, the Dressrosa Arc had outstanding action and Luffy’s complete Gear 4 makeover. It deserves inclusion on this list of the top One Piece arcs because of all these factors.

Thriller Bark Arc

Another long One Piece arc has entered our list of the most delicate One Piece arcs. Brook, a skeleton that joins the Straw Hat Pirates as their musician, is one of the characters most famously introduced in the Thriller Bark Arc. The storyline also features a variety of supernatural themes and is set aboard the same-named haunted ship. It is the 18th arc in the One Piece anime and spans 45 episodes, from episodes 337 to 381. This arc also introduced a significant amount of humour and horror components to the program, which offered viewers a welcome change.

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Impel Down Arc

Impel Down prison’s idea is mainly modelled on Dante’s Inferno, and it doesn’t let you down. The outcomes in this arc are uncertain. Boa helps Luffy sneak into Impel Down to rescue Ace. Although this arc, in many respects, serves as a prelude to more opulent ones later in One Piece’s narrative, it does not lack significance. The story arc includes numerous old and new characters and several battles, with Luffy most memorably squaring off against the pirate Blackbeard. The appearance of Ivankov and his company and the Blackbeard pirates increased the arc’s excitement level. These elements make this one of the most excellent One Piece arcs ever.

Whole Cake Island

Best One Piece Arcs

Whole Cake Island Arc is the next entry on our list of the top One Piece arcs. In the Whole Arc, Sanji, a fellow member of the Straw Hats, was being forced into an arranged marriage. Luffy and a few of his pals went out to save him. They quickly get involved in a scheme to depose Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors of the New World and a very deadly pirate. With a total of 95 episodes, it is once more one of the lengthiest One Piece arcs and not forgetting that it also features several new figures, including Big Mom, the main antagonist of One Piece, and Sanji’s extended family following an unanticipated narrative twist involving Sanji earlier in the arc.

Arlong Park Arc

Let us introduce you to a shorter arc called Arlong Park Arc to break up the lengthy One Piece arcs. Here, Nami takes the Going Merry and winds up to Cocoyashi Village, where Nami was born. Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, and subsequently Luffy and Sanji follow Nami. Fish-Man Arlong, a despot, governs it. Here, Nami’s past and true motivations are made clear. Since Nami’s freedom and the lives of her town’s residents were in danger, this arc was highly stressful. All of this emotional baggage was borne by Luffy throughout his conflict with the Fishman Arlong. The real struggle is thrilling to see and full of emotional impact.


The classic illustration of One Piece’s main subject, the adventure, is Skypiea. An island exemplifies the incredible fantasy world of One Piece in the sky, a floating sea, people that resemble angels, the dial system, etc. It is likely one of the most controversial storylines in the series. Some even advise skipping something abhorrent. The problem with Skypiea is that it deviates from the plot of the series’ central narrative. Additionally, it follows the Jaya arc’s introduction of Blackbeard and Whitebeard. 

Alabasta Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates try to prevent a massive conflict from breaking out in the Alabasta Arc, which wraps off the more excellent Alabasta epic. In this arc, Luffy suffers his first defeat during his battle with the infamous warlord Crocodile. One Piece has never had a story arc quite like this one. This story arc is noteworthy because it contains the first instance in which Luffy loses combat. His first setback occurs when he engages the infamous warlord Crocodile in battle and fails. Additionally, this arc gives a lot of undeveloped characters a chance to shine.

Island of Fishman

Among the most controversial storylines in the series is Fishman Island. The primary issue with the show is that even though it took numerous episodes to overcome Hody, he never seemed like a serious threat. However, with his intense idealism, we believe Hody makes for a somewhat effective enemy and does not deserve the criticism levelled at his character. Aside from Hody, this storyline revealed several incredible things about Joy Boy, Poseidon’s antiquated weapon, etc. The idea of prejudice serves as the arc’s primary subject. We adore how Oda handled this idea from Fisher Tiger’s and Otohime’s perspectives.

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Best One Piece Arcs

The Sabaody Arc is highly renowned for its original and grimy plot. This arc’s central conflict is Luffy and his team fighting a brutal slave trading ring which sells to the World Nobles. The Eleven Supernovas, a group of eleven dangerous young pirates, hoping to use the archipelago to reach the New World, arrive at that location. The Sabaody Archipelago Arc accomplishes a lot of work in building up the future happenings and protagonists while still being riveting and significant, even if there are undoubtedly larger or more enjoyable arcs throughout the series. It also masterfully expressed societal messages like slavery and prejudice. Fans of anime in general, as well as One Piece fans, enjoyed these features a lot. 

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Thousand Sunny Arcs

With the sad moments of The Going Merry’s burial and the stunning revelation of Luffy’s parentage, this arc was an exhilarating experience. It also did a fantastic job of building up the Marineford Arc. In addition, it is revealed that Dragon, the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, is the father of Luffy. This One Piece Arc is among the finest, thanks to all these moments. This story arc spans 13 episodes from episodes 313 to 325 and is the series’ 17th overall.

Drum Island Arc

The Drum Island Arc is the fourth narrative arc in the Alabasta Saga and the tenth overall in the One Piece series. When the crew is compelled to halt and seek medical care for Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, the team’s doctor, is introduced into the narrative. The third Island the Straw Hat Pirates come across on the Grand Line is Drum Island, and it’s that Island in the winter where it snows constantly. It’s a story arc about the cost of dreams and the importance of having someone defend you when you seek it the most. It’s also about respect, love, and kindness. 

Zou Arc

Later on, many new characters who will play significant roles in Wano and Whole Cake Island are introduced in this arc. The arc is also powerful—not the best, but it’s still pretty impressive! The Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar Law, Kin’emon, and Kanjuro proceed to Zo in search of Sanji and the rest of the crew after defeating Doflamingo. The Straw Hat Pirates’ third island stop in the New World is Zo. Luffy does not engage with the primary adversary for the first time in this arc.

Lively Arc

The Lively Arc, which follows the Whole Cake Island Arc and Saga, is the thirty-first story arc in the manga and the first in the Wano Country Saga of One Piece. After the Big Mom Pirates’ attacks on the Straw Hat Pirates were made public, nobility from all over the world gathered for the Lively. After the time jump, several characters make their manga debuts. This is the only arc to date that does not centre on a Straw Hat Pirates adventure taking place in the arc’s primary location.

Fisher Island

One of the more contentious plots in the series is Fishman Island. Hody never seemed like a serious threat, and it took numerous episodes to overpower him, which is the biggest issue with the show. Hody, however, doesn’t merit the criticism that his character deserves because of his extreme ideology, in our opinion, making him a likely effective enemy. The history of anime is the first arc in which the number of episodes and chapters is equal. In the non-canon Warship Island Arc, it was initially demonstrated that Luffy could hear animal voices. 

Jaya Arc

Best One Piece Arcs

Arcs like Jaya act as a data dump for globalisation. It is the first of two narrative arcs in the Sky Island Saga and the twelfth overall in the anime and manga series One Piece. The North Blue is where Sanji was born, according to this arc. In the future, more will be discovered about Sanji’s history. There were several notable characters introduced in the Jaya arc. All of these introductions had something to do with Blackbeard, the renegade pirate Ace was seeking and whose attempt to kidnap Luffy was foiled by the Knock Up Stream.


The One Piece manga’s sixth and last story arc and anime’s East Blue Saga is called the Loguetown Arc. Before travelling to the Grand Line, the Straw Hat Pirates stop in Loguetown, Gol D. Roger’s birth and execution location, to acquire provisions. Before joining the Grand Line, this final arc served as the ideal send-off for the East Blue. The debut of Smoker and the enigmatic Dragon, as well as the emphasis on the similarities between Luffy and Roger, were some of the plot points that stood out in this arc.


The Wano Country Arc, which follows the Levely Arc and is the series’ thirty-first story arc, is the second instalment of One Piece’s Wano Country Saga. This arc boasts the most anime openers with titles like OVER THE TOP, DREAMIN’ ON, We Are!, and PAINT. To defeat the Yonko Kaido, Luffy, Law, Minks, Samurai, and Ninja allied and went to Wano. Wano is full of highly anticipated events like Gear 5, Adv Conquerors, battles with Yonkers, etc. Some of the series’ best scenes are Oden’s flashback, and the time Roger laughed.


Best One Piece Arcs

This story arc may be divided into two sections. The first one depicts Ace, Sabo, and Luffy’s early years. The other shows the conflict’s aftermath and Luffy’s reaction to Ace’s passing. Additionally, it denotes the start of a two-year training gap during which each Strawhat moves to a new location. According to reports, it is One Piece’s twenty-third story arc, the fifth and last chapter of the Summit War Saga, and the previous chapter in the first half of the series after the Marineford Arc. This storyline resembles an anthology of their formative years.

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The Baratie Arc is the fourth narrative arc in the One Piece manga and anime’s East Blue Saga. The arc focuses on how weak Luffy and Zoro are compared to the world’s elites and how Grandline is a cemetery for pirates and should not be taken for granted. This one is one of the better East Blue arcs to follow the sluggish and tedious Syrup Village arc. The series’ most important moments include Mihawk’s entrance and knowledge about the Grand Line’s risks.

Amazon Lily

The Summit War Saga’s Amazon Lily arc is undoubtedly its worst, yet it is still quite strong on its own. The second episode of One Piece’s Summit War Saga, The Amazon Lily Arc, is the series’ twentieth story arc overall. After losing against Kuma in the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is knocked out cold and crashes landings on Amazon Lily, a women-only island that kills men on sight. Celestial Dragon teaches us about Conqueror’s Haki and some of the history of enslavement. Overall, this is excellent preparation for the Marineford and Impel Down arcs.

Romance Dawn Arc

The East Blue Saga of the One Piece manga’s first narrative arc is titled the Romance Dawn Arc. Three storylines are combined into one in this arc. The first recounts Monkey D. Luffy’s journey toward becoming a pirate and how he acquired his Devil Fruit skills. The second tale concerns his encounter with Coby, a little child, and how he assisted Coby in escaping from Alvida, a female pirate. In conclusion, Luffy faces off against Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan while attempting to convince the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro to join his crew.

Return to Sabaody

Best One Piece Arcs

This is the Strawhats’ two-year time jump reunion storyline. It features several wholesome episodes wherein we may have a peek at the Strawhats’ progress in the time jump. This arc also serves as the start of the second phase of the narrative and is set two years following the events of the Marineford Arc, wherein Luffy reunites with his crew. Although this arc is undoubtedly positive, it isn’t the most significant in the series. This is the arc as in the second part of the series that is currently the shortest.

Syrup Village

The Syrup Village Arc, often known as the Captain Kuro Arc, is the third narrative arc in One Piece’s East Blue Saga. As they search for a ship in Syrup Town, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami run upon Usopp, the village liar. They realise they have no option but to assist Usopp in defeating Captain Kuro to save Kaya after learning of a covert plan against her. With the addition of Usopp to the crew, this arc also sees the Straw Hats acquire a ship, the Going Merry, which will accompany them on their travels until the conclusion of the Enies Lobby Arc.

Ocean’s Dream

Ocean’s Dream, one of the last two filler arcs on our list, resembles One Piece fanfic in the greatest possible manner. If you didn’t like how Luffy and Zoro battled each other on Whisky Peak, you could fight them again when Zoro is under mind control. The One Piece anime’s sixth filler arc is the Ocean’s Dream Arc. The narrative is based on the PlayStation game One Piece: Ocean’s Dream.

Little Garden Arc

Best One Piece Arcs

We now reach the list’s conclusion with Little Garden. Well, it doesn’t have the same excellent factor as Whisky Peak or the same gut-punch effect as Drum Island, to be honest. Instead, it primarily expands on the notion of what it means to be a genuine warrior and bring giants (and dinosaurs!) to the One Piece universe. Zoro nearly amputates his foot to continue battling, which helps to grow his character in specific ways.


Everything is admirable about One Piece, from the formidable antagonist to the moving themes, beautiful settings, and thrilling adventures. Given that you’ve made it this far, why not congratulate yourself? This concludes our ranking of the top 30 One Piece arcs. We are sorry if your favourite arc wasn’t included because this was based on individual perspectives and fans’ feedback. We hope you found this blog interesting. Do let us know!

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