Best Tom Hardy Movies

Tom Hardy, aka Edward Thomas Hardy, recently gained worldwide fame after portraying the role of Eddy Brook in the Spiderman franchise spin-off series “Venom”. This talented British actor started his acting career on television and gradually moved to the silver screen to show his acting skills.

\Although Hardy started his acting career with the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries ‘Band of Brothers” in 2001, he usually appeared in supporting roles in big franchise movies. His first well-known film role was Shinzon in the “Star Trek: Nemesis” movie in 2002. But, for the next decade, his movies failed to generate good ratings or reviews, and he continued to appear in smaller roles.

His role as the antagonist in the Christopher Nolan Sci-fi Movie “Inception” earned him global popularity again in 2010. Since then, he has appeared in movies like “The Dark Knight Rises”,” The Revenant “, and the “Mad max: Fury Road’ ‘. He entered the Marvel franchise with the Venom movie (co-produced by Marvel and Sony) in 2018 and has also portrayed the main protagonist for the next movies.

Tom Hardy

But, Tom Hardy has not neglected the small screen and appeared as a leading character in the BBC popular crime-thriller show “Peaky Blinders”.

Tom Hardy has appeared in more than twenty movies in his two-decade-spanning career. Here are all the Tom Hardy movies that you must watch if you are a fan. If you are not, his acting will definitely make you fall in love with him!

1. Lawless                                                                             

Lawless trailer featuring Tom Hardy

Year: 2011

Director: John Hillcoat

Genre: Crime, thriller, drama, historical

Role: Forrest Bondurant

Why to watch: This movie is based on the life of three Bondurant brothers, who used to run a bootlegging business during the Prohibition era of 1913. Their business in Virginia gets disrupted as they refuse to pay a bribe to Charles Rakes, the corrupt dep[uty of that state. Rakes starts chasing the three brothers to find their distillery and punishes them using the law. The whole event triggers a bloody war between the corrupt police authorities and the Locals of Virginia.

Hardy aces his role as Forrest Bondurant in a dirty jumpsuit. He is suave, slow-moving and calculative. His cool on-screen personality makes the movie more enjoyable.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises official trailer

Year: 2012

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Superhero, action, thriller

Role: Bane

Why watch: The third installment of the Batman franchise under Christopher Nolan’s direction was one of the highest-grossing DC movies. In this movie, Tom Hardy played the role of Mercenary Bane, who was hell-bent on taking control over Gotham city and its dark underworld. Ben had enough resources under his disposal and managed to invoke fear among the people while taking them hostage. Even though Tom played the role of the villain, his portrayal was very realistic. He managed to even outshine Christian Blake in some scenes! Bane’s portrayal is one of the most powerful on-screen villains after the Joker, played by Heath Ledger!

Tom Hardy as Bane

3. Venom

Tom Hardy in Venom

Year: 2018

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Genre: Superhero, thriller, action

Role: Eddie Brook, host of Venom

Why watch:  This was the first-ever protagonist role of Tom Hardy in a Superhero movie. He played the role of Eddie Brook, who later became the host of Venom, the Symbiote. Eddie starts to investigate the shady experiments of Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake after he loses his job and his fiance breaks off with him. When he bonds with Venom, he becomes a superpowered individual. On the other hand, Venom, the intelligent symbiote, takes a liking to the Earth and its inhabitants and decides to help Eddie in his quest. Eddie and Venom slowly become friends and confident from two hostile living beings. Together they embark on a mission to save the world from Drake’s evil plan of bringing more symbiotes to the Earth to create more hosts.

Tom looked convincing as the lost and confused Eddie was keen to make a name in investigative journalism. This role is different from the previous portrayal of Eddie Brock in the earlier Spiderman movies. This movie also became one of the seven best movies from Sony Production.

Even though the story was panned by critics, marvel fans absolutely loved Hardy’s character. Needless to say, he retired for a sequel!

4. Inception

Inception official Trailer

Year: 2010

Director: Christopher Nolan

 Genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller, adventure

Role: Eames

Why watch: Christopher Nolan’s reality–breaking sci-fi Movie also allowed Tom Hardy to show his acting skills. This story is about Dom Cobb, a thief who enters people’s dreams to steal their ideas. Cobb, along with his gang, including Eames, is on the run due to his past criminal records as a dream thief.

Tom as Eames in Inception

 Here Tom aces the role of Emmes. He is a shape-shifting identity thief who can easily take on other people’s appearances at his will. He is smooth, sophisticated, and manipulating, and Christopher Nola definitely brings out Hardy’s best performance in a supporting role.

5. Warrior

Warrior official Trailer

Year: 2011

Director: Gavin O’Connor

Genre: Sports, drama

Role: Tommy Conlon

Why watch:  In this movie, Tom Hardy played the role of yeh agonist Tommy Conlon, an alcoholic ex-coach of MMA. His son Tommy Riordan, an ex-marine, coaxes him to coach his father to prepare for a special MMA league where the Winner gets all he wants. On the other hand, Tommy’s Brother Brendan, a school teacher and Ex-MMA fighter, also returns to the ring. While Mommy is on his mission to get some recognition, Brendan is keen to support his own family. In the meantime, the family conflict ensues and tears their lives apart.

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Hardy as Tommy in Warrior

Tom Hardy looks excellent as the MMA fighter Tommy. He also got ripped and trained specially to appear more authentic. Hardy remains charismatic throughout the movie and never fails to impress the viewers. He also portrayed the emotional moments quite well!

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

Year: 2015

Director: George Miller

Genre: Sci-fi, action, adventure,

Role: Max Rockatansky

Why watch:  This movie is set thirty years after the original Mad Max movie. This movie tells the story of post-apocalyptic Earth, which has become a dust land. A tyrannical ruler named Immortal Joe has taken control of the water supply. On top of that, he has enslaved the wasteland survivors inside his own kingdom, The Fortress.

Mad Max: Fury Road official trailer

Inside the Citadel, Max, a drifter, newly captured, gives a reluctant aide to Imperator Furiosa. Furiosa is hell-bent on taking Immortal Joe’s five wives to the “Green Place” to male and end the authoritarian rule.

The original Max Rockatansky, Mel Gibson, made headlines when he said he did not know who Tom Hardy was. But Hardy definitely proved his worth and acting skills with his talent. This movie became a huge hit and managed to win six Oscars.

The movie also got positive reviews. The Wrap wrote, “That film had him taking phone calls from start to finish, whereas his tormented Max barely opens his mouth, with his profound silences never diminishing his screen presence, much in the same way that Miller so often generates thrills over what we can’t see as much as over what we can … Miller redefined action cinema with ‘The Road Warrior,’ and it’s no stretch to suggest that ‘Fury Road’ ups the ante on what the genre might deliver in the future.”

7. The Revenant

Year: 2015

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Genre: adventure, thriller, western, drama

Role: John Fitzgerald

Tom as John Fitzgerald in The Revenant

Why watch: Even though this movie became an Oscar success for Leonardo De Caprio, Tom Hardy managed to show off his skills as the main villain John Fitzgerald. During a hunting expedition in the wild, frontiersman Hugh Glass and his party are attacked by the Arikara tribe. His teammate John brutally murders his son, and Glass himself becomes half mauled by a bear. The story then tells how Glas manages to survive and exact revenge on his enemies. The critics lauded Tom’s performance as a greedy John and loved his on-screen character! He looks excellent as a man who only wants money and does not care about others. This man aces his acting thoughout the movie- during the scene where he leaves Glass good for dead or when he displays fear of another Arikara attack- evrything appears natural! His portrayal of the character made the movie more thrilling and darker!

8. Dunkirk

Dunkrik official trailer

Year: 2017

Director:  Christopher Nolan

Genre:  War, period drama, thriller, action, adventure

Role: Farrier

Why watch:  This movie is a WWII period drama that portrays the conflict between the British, French and German militaries in a small French port town, Dunkirk. This movie was the third collaboration between Nolan and Hardy, and the actor still managed to impress.

Tom Hardy in Dunkrik

Tom Hardy played the role of a British fighter Pilot named Farrier, who bravely fought the German Aerial military and other fighter pilots while keeping the civilians safe from any harm.

Due to its stellar cast, this movie was also a hit and managed to win Oscars for film editing, sound editing, and sound designing alongside eight nominations. If you love precious and especially war dramas, make sure to watch this movie.

9. Venom: Let there be Carnage

Year: 2021

Director: Andy Serkis

Genre:  Superhero, sci-fi, action,

Role:  Eddie Brock

Why watch:  The second movie from the Venom series was also a hit at the box office. Tom Hardy reprised his role of Eddie Brock, the journo cum host of the intelligent symbiote Venom. Eddie and Venom are in a tough situation when Series Killer Cletus Krasady becomes the host of Carnage, a blood-thirsty offshoot of Venom. Krasady breaks free from jail and starts rampaging and killing people. It is up to the duo Venom and Eddie to stop him.

Venom: Let there be Carnage post credit scene

Critics praised Tom’s role as an anti-hero and his “ging-hp physical performance”. Tom was also applauded for portraying their emotional struggle with Eddie, his uncanny friendship with Venom and his willingness to do good. Even though this movie got average ratings, Tom was a winner in his role.

10. The Drop

The Drop poster

Year: 2014

Director: Micheal R. Roskam

Genre: Mystery, crime, drama

Role: Bob

Why watch: In this movie, Tom Hardy portrays the role of Bob Saginowski, a bartender working under his cousin Marv. Bob wants to lead a simple life and ignores the illegal activities happening inside the bar. After a robbery incident inside the bar, he is forced to become part of the investigation.

The Drop trailer

Even though this movie is almost forgotten, you need to watch it once to see its stellar performance of Hardy. He managed to shine beside the actors like James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace as a bartender. It is a gritty thriller that keeps you hooked.

11. Locke

Locke official trailer

Year:  2014

Director: Steven Knight

Genre:  drama

Role:  Ivan Locke

Why watch: Locke is one of the most unconventional movies in Tom Hardy’s character. It is also one of the best car or automobile movies that you can find. This movie tells the story of Ivan Locke, a construction manager. He gets news over the phone on a fateful night that turns his life upside down. Locke drives from Birmingham to London, and during the long journey, the movie starts to unfold. He gets calls from different people who give him more information.

Locke movie poster

The movie is simple yet compelling and interesting. Hardy spends the whole movie inside a car as the story moves forward. Critics praised his portrayal of a man in an ethical dilemma and a tense situation who is unable to do anything during the whole journey. New York Daily News reporter Joe Neumaier wrote, “Yes, it sounds like a gimmick. But Tom Hardy is so compelling, multilayered and terrific in the title role, this one-man show is never dull.”

12. Legend

Legend movie official poster

Year: 2015

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Director: Brian Helgeland

Genre: Thriller, biography, historical, crime

Role:  Reggie Kray and Ron Kray

Why watch: In this biographical Movie, Tom plays the role of Reggie and Ronnie Kray, twin British criminals during the 1960s. These two brothers gained control of a local pub by force and seized control of the London underworld. But, the brothers face a tough challenge from detective Leonard Nipper Read, who will stop at nothing to curb the control of the Kray brothers.

Legend official trailer

This movie was noted for its grappling story and screenplay. But, critics also applauded Hardy’s performance in the twin roles. He was able to portray the distinct personality of the two Krey brothers with his acting skill. He played the role of a mentally unstable and volatile Ronnie and the sophisticated and intelligent brother Reggie to perfection.

Peter Howell, reporter and movie critic for Toronto Star, wrote, “Watching Tom Hardy nearly upstage himself in the gangster biopic ‘Legend’ makes for mesmerizing viewing. It’s also an object lesson in how great acting can transcend a film’s limitations.”

13. Bronson

Bronson official poster

Year: 2008

Director: Nicholas Winding Refn

Genre: Action, biography, crime, drama

Role:  Charles Bronson and Michael Peterson

Why watch: Even though Bronson was not a commercial success, it offered Tom a scope to showcase his acting skills in his early career. This movie is still considered one of the finest works of Hardy to date.

In Bronson, Tom Hardy plays the role of a man named Michael Peterson, who takes on the alter ego of Charles Bronson after solitary confinement. He became a violent prisoner and was one of the infamous prisoners of the UK at that time.

Bronson official trailer

‘Bronson offered Tom Hardy the “Certified Fresh” badge in Rotten Tomatoes. Hardy left no stone unturned to portray the role of a criminal with a personality disorder. He went through extreme physical transformation and was mostly unrecognizable on his part. Damon Wise of Radio times was impressed with the actor’s performance and said, “Hardy does an admirable job of making this monster human, which he achieves with surprising wit and a visceral, attention-grabbing passion.”

On the other hand, Chris Chang from Film Comment Magazine said, “the film can barely contain Tom Hardy’s performance. It’s a Method turn so bloodily immersive it’s hard to imagine the actor getting his head straight afterwards.”

14. London Road

London Road official Trailler

Year: 2015

Director: Rufus Norris

Genre: thriller. Mystery, musical

Why watch: London Road, a British Murder-musical movie, gave him a lot of applause from the critics. He even managed to grab the title of Top British/ Irish Actor of the Year of 2015 from the London Critics Circle.

Tom Hardy in London Road

This movie is based on London road. It tells the story of the inhabitants of a small rural town Ipswich. The town’s quiet life is turned upside down when five prostitutes are found murdered. Even though Hardy plays the small role of a cab driver, he manages to show off his skills amidst the limited screen time. He gives the elusive vibe that makes him a prime suspect in the murder.

15. RocknRolla

RocknRolla official Trailer

Year:  2008

Director: Guy Ritchie

Genre: Crime, action, thriller

Role:  Handsome Bob

Why watch: This movie is about a sophisticated criminal, One Two, who gets involved in a fight between the Russian crime lord and London Underworld that involves the acquisition of a million-dollar estate.

Tom in RocknRolla

Even though Gerard Butler played the hero, Tom Hardy was prominent as Handsome Bob. He managed to shine amidst the star-studded cast with his acting. If you love the Guy Ritchie movie, make sure to watch it.

16. Child 44

Child 44 poster

Year:  2015

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Genre:  Thriller, crime, drama

Role:  Leo Demidov

Why watch: Child 44 offered Tom Hardy enough scope as a leading man, and he did not disappoint. This movie tells the story of secret police officer Leo Demidov, who is in charge of investigating the deaths of multiple boys, including one child of his college.

Child 44 official trailer

During his investigation, he starts to suspect the involvement of his superiors and refuses to acknowledge his wife Raisa as the traitor. As a result, he is posted in remote locations. But, he is forced to return to the investigation when more bodies of young children are found.

Hardy in Child 44 as Demidov

Hardy impressed critics and viewers as a Red Army Unit of the Russian Secret Police Force. He looked convincing in his role of Demidov with his Russian accent. Even though the movie was a flop, Hardy made his work noticeable.

17. Capone


Year: 2020

Director:  Josh Trank

Genre:  Biography, crime, drama

Role:  Al Capone (Fonse)

Why watch: Capone remains one of the most notable works of Tom Hardy till now. This movie offers a picture of the last days of infamous crime lord Al Capone under house arrest. Tom Hardy here plays the role of an ageing Capone who has lost all of the glories of his prime youth.

Capone official Trailer

Capone is now an old man suffering from dementia and syphilis and leads an uneventful life under closer watch. The story tells how an ageing Capone starts to hallucinate and often soils himself during stress and age. Hardy looked believable as a man who was once the most feared crime lord. He also confidently speaks in Italian and English, even masters to throw some insults in an aged, raspy voice. The prosthetics also make him appear more like an aged and crippled Capone.

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So, if you are interested in the life of Al Capone and, in Tom Hardy’s acting, take a note. This movie needs to be on your watch list for sure!

18. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinker Trailer Soldier Spy trailer

Year: 2011

Director: Tomas Alfredson

Genre:  Mystery, thriller, war drama

Role: Rickie Tarr

Why watch: This movie is considered one of the best movies of Hardy’s career due to his stellar performance in a supporting role. He plays his part as a secret desk agent properly and shines in this Cold war spy drama.

Tom in an Interview with Empire for the movie

Here, Hardy plays the role of Rickie Tarr, who is not the regular spy you see in James Bond or other hi-fi spy thrillers. He is a simple man with heightened intelligence. He is young, a physically fit spy who occasionally engages in womanizing while doing boring spy work. Hardy shines in the role of a plain spy who wears a sheepskin jacket, jeans shirts and reddish-blond hair.

Tom in Tinker Trailer Soldier Spy

This weird look does not seem out of place due to Tom’s ability to carry off everything like a true actor. He fits as a real-life spy minus the drama and scripted action scenes.

19. Marie Antoinette

Year:  2006

Director: Sofia Coppola

Genre:  History, romance, drama

Role: Raumont

Why watch: This movie tells the story of the infamous French Queen, Marie Antoinette, an archduchess of Austria who becomes the wife of Louis XVI. The immature 14-year-old princess then enjoys her life in absolute luxury till she meets her fate in the guillotine.

Tom Hardy as Raumont

Tom Hardy played the role of Raumont and appeared only in a few scenes. He is a young nobleman in the French royal court but is unsatisfied at the end. He keeps a close eye on the politics of the royal court and the country’s situation. But, Raumont is unable to make any move as he feels he does not have enough status. Hardy was unrecognizable as he portrayed the role of a bulkier and a macho nobleman instead of his charming looks! Not that we are complaining about his looks, though!

But, the movie is notable. It even managed to win an Oscar for the best costume design. If you love period dramas, you can check out tsi movie. A plus point is Hardy manages to show off his acting powerless even in limited screen time.

20. WAZ

WAZ Poster

Year: 2007

Genre:  crime, mystery, horror, thriller

Role: Pierre Jackson

Why watch: This movie tells the story of a serial killer who captures people and tortures the captives to force them to choose between their life or killing a loved one. Stellar Skarsgard played the role of Detective Eddie Argo, who was in charge of taking that ferocious killer down.

Hardy in WAZ movie

Here, Tom Hardy shines brightly as the captive Pierre Jackson. He portrays the pain and anguish of captivity and torture. His acting skill was praised by critics.

This is not for faint-hearted people, But if you have the guts and love Tom Hardy, make sure to watch it once.

21. The Reckoning

Year: 2002

Director: Pau; McGuinn

Genre: History, drama, thriller

 Role: Straw

Why watch: The reckoning is still one of the finest examples of Hardy’s excellent acting skill. During his early career, he took this turn and explored the character of a 14th-century cross dresser. A troupe of actors performs stage plays while travelling from town to town. A fugitive priest becomes part of the crew and starts travelling. The troupe then passes through a town where a mute girl is sentenced to death despite not committing murder.The brave heart actors take a risk and stage a play based on the real event to unmask the real killer and save the girl.

Here Tom plays the role of Straw, a cross dresser actor who played the role of women in plays. He portrays the character and its complex nature perfectly.

Tom as Straw in a scene, dressed as a female character

He also looks believable as the man who portrays woman and applies makeup and lipstick in a fine manner like a regular woman. In the scenes, he portrays the role of women carefully and with equal fineness. On top of that, he also offers a peek at his hidden masculinity while interacting with the mute girl! Way to go Tom!

22. Star Trek: Nemesis

Year:  2002

Director:  Stuart Baird

Genre:  Sci-Fi, action, adventure, fantasy

Role: Shinzon

Why watch: Shinzon in the ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’ is one of the most recognizable roles of Tom Hardy in his initial career phase, This role gave him enough popularity among the pop culture, and he also gained the approval of both critics and movie lovers.

Hardy as Shinzon

He played Shinzon, the leader of the Reman people, perfectly. Patrick Stewart earlier portrayed this role, and the director was looking for someone who resembled a young Patrick. At that time, Hardy was auditioned. Patrick Stewart was keen on taking Hardy on board and gave the agent a different script for Star Trek. Needless to say, Hardy bagged this role.

Nevertheless, Hardy did not disappoint the fans and the director and Stuart himself. He perfectly played the role of Shinzon and looked believable on screen.

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