10 Best Weapons in Warzone

Best Weapons in Warzone: It’s hard to choose from so many weapons available in Warzone. To make it easy for you, we make a selection of the 10 preferred by users.

Warzone has a wide variety of weapons: there are those that inflict great damage, which is faster, super accurate, easy to use… In short, there are models that are real machines to destroy enemies. Do you want to know what are the best meta weapons of the moment? We show them to you.

Best weapons to raze in Warzone

Among the vastness of weapons that Warzone offers, there are some more popular among players for their advantages. According to WZRanked, the website that tracks everything about Warzone, here are the top 10 weapons:


The classic SMG is a fast, powerful, and very versatile submachine gun capable of causing great damage at short and medium distances. It is also an excellent option to accompany precision rifles. It has a very low TTK, provides you with great mobility, and is crucial when it comes to repositioning and flanking opponents.


This light machine gun (LMG) may not provide the same mobility as an assault rifle or an SMG, but in return, it has great power and is essential to razing enemies in Caldera.

Cooper Carbine

This assault rifle is one of the favorite weapons of Warzone players for its amazing shooting speed and versatility, as it handles like an SMG. He has enough range and control to fire like a support sniper, a very good TTK and a very high cadence.

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The powerful rifle is an excellent choice as a sniper. It is easy to handle, very fast, deals high damage, and is capable of hitting armored enemies at great distances.


The STG-44 assault rifle is one of the best weapons in multiplayer mode thanks to its versatility. Its excellent TTK, its range of damage, and its accuracy make this weapon very lethal at a medium range.

Swiss K31

It is, along with the Kar98K, one of the most popular sniper rifles among users. In fact, they are very similar when it comes to damage, handling and speed, but the Swiss K31 stands out for its fast ADS speed and high accuracy and performs better at long range than the German rifle. An excellent choice as a sniper.

Kilo 141

This veteran assault rifle has had better and worse times, but it remains, to this day, a reliable and very maneuverable weapon that shines for its precision, its ammunition capacity, and, above all, because it has a practically non-existent recoil. If you’re just starting out in Warzone, this is one of the best options.

Grau 5.56

This is another extremely easy-to-use assault rifle, with decent damage and enviable laser pointer accuracy. It has a recoil that is well controlled, although the shooting speed is slower than desired.


It is one of the few submachine guns that can be used with complete confidence in Warzone. A weapon that had not attracted attention, but lately enjoys great popularity among users. The reason? it is very fast and can cause significant damage at close range and optimal at medium. A solid option to sweep in short combats and in closed spaces.

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The mythical assault rifle has managed to sneak into the top 10 of the best weapons in the battle royale arsenal thanks to its dizzying shooting speed, its contained recoil and how easy and fun it is to use. Of course, do not expect great precision or power that pulls back.

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