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Bethenny Frankel Talks About Ex Paul Bernon’s Relationship With Aurora Culpo
Image Credit: Getty Images for MTV

Bethenny Frankel, well-known from The Real Housewives of New York City, opened up about her feelings on her ex-fiancé Paul Bernon’s new relationship with Aurora Culpo on her podcast, Just B, on Sunday, July 7. Frankel, 53, expressed her “shock” upon discovering that her ex, 45, was dating Aurora, 35. Adding to her surprise was the news that Paul had attended events connected to Aurora’s younger sister Olivia Culpo’s wedding to Christian McCaffrey in June.

During her podcast, Bethenny shared how seeing her name in headlines in connection to Paul’s new relationship felt unsettling. She remarked on how she saw in the news that Paul, who typically maintains a low profile, had introduced Aurora to his children, bought her gifts, and formed a new relationship unit with her. This detailed narrative came as a shock to Bethenny and drew a lot of attention to her ex’s new chapter in life.

Bethenny and Paul’s relationship dates back to 2018, and they even got engaged in 2021. However, they never made it down the aisle and ultimately parted ways in May 2024.

Upon learning about Paul’s involvement with Aurora, Bethenny confessed that the news was both shocking and embarrassing. She felt pained by hearing intimate details about their relationship, from presents exchanged to meeting each other’s families. The details made her relive the breakup in a more painful way.

Moreover, Bethenny highlighted how tough it is to hear about an ex moving on, especially through news stories. She revealed that she and Paul had a mutual breakup, but hearing about his subsequent serious relationship just intensified her feelings of loss and hurt. “It was rough because I had to experience the same breakup twice, but way worse the second time because I had to hear about all these details,” she explained.

However, it turns out that Paul and Aurora’s relationship was short-lived. According to a report from Page Six, the couple broke up shortly after they started dating.

Source: Us Weekly, Page Six