Better than Avengers? What the Eternals review says

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Eternals It will hit theaters around the world next November, but there is already a group of lucky specialists who had the chance to see the film before anyone else and open a value judgment about it. Then the entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by Chloe Zhao featuring the brand’s most powerful group of heroes gets their first impressions online.

Is better than Avengers? The truth is Eternals seems to try to revolutionize, not only the MCU, but also this genre that is dominating the Hollywood industry in recent decades. The first gay hero with his own family, the first sex scene in a film of this style, the arrival of heroes little known to the mainstream. Everything points to a phenomenon that will surprise audiences in a different way than Avengers.

So what is the consensus of the critics? On Rotten Tomatoes and with a total of 43 expert reviews, the film’s acceptance rate is 72%. Keep in mind that a lot is expected of this film and the critics are sure to be relentless when judging this new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

+ Some voices

– Ian Sandwell de Digital Spy: “The scale of Eternals is unlike anything we saw in the MCU, but it ends up like a movie that has too much to show.”

– Lames Mottram de South China Morning Post: “The action and fighting are fun and Jolie is at her prime. Too bad it seems to be looking to establish future adventures ”.

– Josephine L. de Geeks of Colour: “Eternals is beautiful visually and as a story.”

– Don Kaye de Den of Geek: “Eternals is far from perfect, but it shows that Marvel is not content resting on its laurels.”

– Grace Randolph de Beyond the Trailer: “There are many elements to give you a Fresh Tomato, but Chloé Zhao did not understand Marvel’s task. Madden, Jolie, Nanjiani and Ridloff stand out. “

– Wendy Lee Szany de The Movie Couple: “It is visually impressive and is Marvel’s most ambitious film to date. It is backed by its exposure. The most different movie from Marvel! ”.

Everything indicates that Eternals exceeded the demands of the critics, however, there is no shortage of cases that indicate that the film will be incredibly divisive with respect to the fandom most deeply rooted in the formula Marvel. The voices point out that this film is very different from everything the MCU has offered so far and perhaps some fans of the brand do not see it with good eyes. We will have to wait for the premiere of the film on November 5.

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