betterCode () Rust: Longer early bird discount also in combination with betterCode () Go

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Rust is one of the most exciting newer programming languages, especially in security-critical applications. An important reason for this is the memory management, which prevents the memory errors that still make up the majority of critical vulnerabilities in software. After the initial focus on system-related software development, the language is becoming more and more established in the backend.

the betterCode() Rust is aimed primarily at developers who have experience in other languages ​​such as C, C ++ or Java and who have an eye on Rust for new or as a supplement to existing projects. The online conference is both an introduction and a deep dive in Rust. The organizers heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag have now extended the early bird discount by one week.

The program Spans everything from the basics to microservices to practical use in safety-critical applications. A look at the upcoming edition Rust 2021 is also included:

  • Rust in the big programming language competition
  • Concurrency, Data Correctness, and Rust
  • Rust Memory Management
  • Microservices with Rust
  • Serverless Rust
  • Medical visualization with Rust
  • Rust 2021

With the extended early bird discount they are Conference tickets available until September 29 at the early bird price of 149 euros plus 19% VAT. The organizers offer group discounts for teams. If you are interested in the Go programming language in addition to Rust, you also save access when you buy a combination ticket zur betterCode() Go offers on November 10th.

In addition, take place in late October the three workshops “Rust 101 – Introduction to the Rust Programming Language”, “Wasm modules for the browser with Rust” and “Network applications with the Tokyo Stack” take place, each costing 449 euros plus VAT. If you want to stay up to date about the betterCode () conferences, you can sign up for the newsletter or the organizers follow on twitter.

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