Beyoncé Is Reportedly Putting All Her Renaissance Collaborators Through #MeToo Checks


Many music stars have been forced to publicly apologize for collaborating with colleagues without first checking their backgrounds. Dua Lipa, for example, had to assure that she would never have invited rapper DaBaby to participate in one of her songs if she had been aware of her homophobic ideas, which he proclaimed from the stage at one of her concerts shortly after they met. .

Lady Gaga and Chance The Rapper also had to sing the mea culpa and admit that they had not paid enough attention to the accusations of harassment and sexual assault that had been made against R. Kelly over the years when they agreed to work with him. .

Beyoncé is famous for controlling even the smallest aspect of both her career and her public image, and she is not about to allow her name to be associated with anyone even remotely suspected of abusing their position of power to coerce others. .

The singer ordered an investigation of all the collaborators and producers who have participated in her next album ‘Renaissance’ and rejected anyone who has faced the slightest accusation related to inappropriate behavior in the personal and professional environment. Two songs by artists with a high media profile were rejected for the same reason despite the fact that none of them have been convicted of any crime: “It is sending a clear message to the record industry after the worrying cases of people like R Kelly or Harvey Weinstein”, assured a source from his environment.

Beyoncé has paid no heed to those who criticized her even on her own team for being too harsh in vetting potential collaborators because she wanted the process of creating her album to reflect the message of female empowerment that her songs convey.

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