Beyond Code: Get your early bird discount for the Heise conference now

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Beyond Code: Get your early bird discount for the Heise conference now

The daily routine work in software development is characterized by proven tools, frameworks and architectures. However, teams and companies are often thrown out of step by non-technical obstacles such as the organizational structure, working methods, leadership, communication or the handling of conflicts. The causes for this are varied and usually cannot be easily eliminated.

On October 12th at the Heise conference Beyond Code Experienced experts therefore provide valuable insights and suggestions from practice that can help make collaboration more effective and smoother. Participants will receive answers to the following questions, among others:

  • How do we better deal with conflicts?
  • How do we motivate team members to take responsibility?
  • How do we create space for learning?
  • How do we set the priorities correctly?
  • How do we overcome the fear of change?

In the run-up to the partner conferences Continuous Lifecycle und ContainerConf, which in mid-November are devoted to the important core topics relating to continuous delivery, DevOps, containerization and cloud native, Beyond Code provides for the first time concrete suggestions for improving teamwork in software projects. It is primarily aimed at software developers, DevOps experts and team and group leaders. Single tickets are still available until September 20th at the early bird price of 149 euros (all prices plus 19% VAT).

Anyone who is also interested in participating in the heise Developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag Organized partner conferences Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf are interested in a combination ticket at a price of 599 euros, which also includes three lecture tracks on November 17 and 18 – on topic clusters such as GitOps and Infrastructure-as-Code, but also on container images, practical work with Kubernetes, as well as tools and methods for builds and continuous provision of applications.

Highlights from the Program priorities:

  • Secure container automation: Docker versus Podman
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform & Co.
  • Kubernetes operator in practice: Monitoring with Prometheus
  • The role of GitOps and its introduction
  • Quality assurance: test containers and integration tests
  • Site reliability engineering: how does it work and how does it work?

In addition to the lecture program, workshops provide an opportunityto get even deeper into the container orchestration Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Terraform and the entire cloud-native ecosystem using practical introductions and hands-ons. One-day online workshops can be booked for a price from 449 euros. Combined tickets for the conference and 1-day workshop are available from 899 euros.

If you want to stay up to date on the progress of the Beyond Code and the partner conferences Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf, you can register for the joint newsletter on the respective websites, or contact the organizers Twitter follow – the current hashtag is # ConLi21.


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