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BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Starring Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Timothy Renouf, Adam García, Gloria García and Spencer Sutherland, “Beyond the Party” (“Afterlife of the Party” in its original language) is a comedy by Netflix Directed by Stephen Herek and written by Carrie Freedle.

The film that premiered on September 2, 2021 follows Cassie and Lisa, two best friends who have very different personalities and interests, leading them to argue and distance themselves after a party. As Lisa returns home, Cassie leaves with her new friends and the next day she wakes up so drunk that she trips and is killed by a blow to the head.

However, he has a second chance to make amends for his mistakes on earth. The young woman will be able to reconnect with her loved ones and, most importantly, show that she is worthy of entering the great VIP room of heaven. For that she will need the help of her only true friend.

Although for Cassie it has only been a few hours since her ridiculous fatal accident for the rest it has been almost a year. With the help of his temporary guardian angel, Val, he understands that he must help Lisa, her father and mother to enter heaven.

The only one who can see Cassie is Lisa, due to her special bond. At first she thinks she is going crazy, but ends up accepting the presence of her friend and takes that opportunity to enjoy that time together.

Thanks to the intervention of Lisa, the protagonist of “”He talks to his mother Sofia about the reasons for his abandonment, his regret and the pain it caused him to lose her. With all of that cleared up, Cassie finally forgives her and removes her from her list.

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Meanwhile, his father, Howie, leaves clues to resume his life and start over despite his death. He even breaks the rules to foster a romance between himself and Lisa’s baker friend.

Finally, it helps Lisa to become more confident in herself, allowing her to start a new relationship with the neighbor she always liked and take the risk of applying for an important project.

Although Cassie does not finish her missions on time, the council allows her to go to heaven because she helped a person who was not on her list. Along the way he meets his favorite singer, who passed away in a recent accident.

Although Cassie believes that she must improve the lives of the people who are on her list to enter heaven, at the end of the film of she realizes that it was actually this that helped her improve.

By forgiving her mother, getting her best friend back, and reviving her father, Cassie freed herself from the burdens of the mortal world, taking her second chance to appreciate what she didn’t even notice when she was alive.

You can even hug your father before you leave. This last in the middle of a meeting that Lisa organized to commemorate a year of the departure of Cassie.

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