Beyond the Party: Netflix’s Leading Movie with a The Good Place Twist

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Each week, the catalog of Netflix offers new movies and series so that its users do not get tired of watching content. Last September 2 was the debut of Beyond the Party, with Victoria Justice and Midori Francis as protagonists, and comparisons with The Good Place they were unavoidable. The film quickly became among the most watched on the platform and is currently in eighth place in Argentina.

The film focuses on Cassie, a young woman who lives from party to party until an unusual accident in the bathroom ends her life. Then, you will have to return to Earth to complete the pending tasks that save you from condemning yourself to hell, as well as help you pay off debts with your closest family and friends. Beyond the Party It was directed by Stephen Herek from a script by Carrie Freedle, and clearly has connections to The Good Place.

Like in the series that he starred in Kristen Bell, where five protagonists had the possibility of going through a kind of purgatory and correcting the mistakes they made while they were alive, in this new film by Netflix the case is similar. In addition, the touch of comedy is also present, as can be seen in the official trailer. In addition, both productions deal with the need to accept death and befriend it.

Beyond the Party has been on the platform for a week. (Netflix)

What the critics say about Beyond the Party

Unlike The Good Place, which had a much more positive reception, the Herek film did not meet with the fate of the critics’ blessing. Just look at the 50% approval you have in Rotten Tomatoes as to understand. But as it happens in many cases, the vision of the specialists does not always coincide with that of the audience, whose general opinion is much more favorable and leaves 77% on the mentioned site.

beyond the party netflix midori francis victoria justice.jpg

Midori Francis plays Lisa, Cassie’s best friend. (Netflix)

“It’s full of awkward smiles, with a frantic pace as if someone is in a rush to finish and go home.”, wrote Christy Lemire from, while Cangiano fig from CineXpress only highlighted the work of Victoria Justice, and pointed out how “predictable” to all of history. If it is about positive visions, Austin Burke from Flick Fan Nation celebrated the chemistry between the protagonists.

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