Bhavi added Lit Killah and presented “Yesterday”

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As in 2021, Bhavi started the year by releasing new music. This time, it is the first preview of his second album. The name of the song “Yesterday” and is accompanied by one of the stars of the moment: Lit Killah. “With Lit Killah we met on a stream with Coscu and Bizarrap and we had a very good vibe. Recording together came about because there was a real chemistry and connection”, said the young artist regarding this new feat.

According to himself, he seeks to get away from the stereotypes of the urban genre to generate his own distinctive style. “The idea of ​​’Yesterday’ arises from continue with the inspiration in classic movies, and this time we chose “What happened yesterday”, along with experiences with Lit Killah”, he explained regarding the song and the universe it poses.

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This release was accompanied by a video clip directed by Renderpanic that, as it happens in the film they took as a reference, shows the two protagonists waking up confused after a night out. Throughout the song, they are interpreting various characters. I’m really very proud of this video and I feel that it is a video that will give something to talk about just like the song,” said Bhavi.

Cinema, Bhavi’s first album

Bhavi’s first album was released in 2021 under the name “Cinema”. It was a conceptual album that brings together great international figures. Recently, Bhavi met with great local figures such as Neo Pistea, YSY A, Khea, Cazzu and Louta. Now in 2022, he seeks to redouble the bet and release his second album.

Bhavi will say present at Dolores Rock Experience

Next April 16 and 17 will be the debut of this new festival. The Dolores Rock Experience prepares a grid that lives up to expectations, eclectic and full of music to leave everyone happy on April 16 and 17 at the city’s Hippodrome. Grandpa’s Pills, Thunder, La Vela Puerca, Bhavi, Coti Y the Bresh Party.

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There will be more than 20 national and international shows that are added, in addition, to different activities planned to enjoy during festival hours. There will be extreme sports, an extensive gastronomic patio, a museum about Pappo, a snow track, vintage cars and a racing simulator with Marcos Di Palma. All this, just over two hours by car on Route 2.

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