Biden administration imposes new sanctions against Cuban officials

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The US Government announced on Thursday the imposition of new sanctions against Cuban officials who, in its opinion, have committed human rights violations.

The punitive measures are applied after the demonstrations that took place in Cuba on July 11, which have been widely publicized in international media, especially in the United States, and which the island’s authorities described as “acts of war. unconventional “, with thousands of fake news and manipulation on the networks to achieve a” social explosion “.

On the implementation of these measures, the Acting Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Julie Chung, had already made an advance.

On Wednesday, the official wrote on his Twitter account: “As the president (Joe Biden) indicated, we will apply harsh sanctions to the Cuban officials who orchestrated these human rights violations.”

The sanctions were applied despite requests from members of the Democratic Party itself to end the embargo against the island.

Among the Democrats who have spoken are Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Gregory W. Meeks, and Senator Bernie Sanders, who have called for an end to the punitive measures against the Caribbean nation.

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