Biden and Johnson announce donation of millions of doses of Covid vaccine

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Biden and Johnson announce donation of millions of doses of Covid vaccine

The president of United States, Joe Biden, and the prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced this Thursday a donation of millions of vaccines against the coronavirus during their meeting prior to the G7 summit in Cornwall. Johnson has stated that his country will start donating at least 100 million doses of the COVID-19 drug to countries that need them within a few weeks.

“As a result of the success of the UK vaccine program, we are now able to share some of our excess doses with those who need them,” he said, according to the BBC. He also mentioned that he hopes that the group of G7 members agree to donate collectively 1 billion doses of vaccines through 2022.

For his part, Biden has promised to donate 500 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to low-income countries around the world through the mechanism COVAX, an announcement that has already been advanced by the media. “The United States knows firsthand the tragedy of this pandemic. We have had more deaths in the United States than in any part of the world, almost 600,000 of our compatriots (…) we know the tragedy and we also know the path to recovery, ”said the US president, according to a statement from the White House.

Biden is in his first overseas visit since arriving in the White House. The G7 summit also marks the first time that these world leaders have met in person since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

The stimulus of the vaccination program against COVID-19 and climate change are high on the agenda of the summit that runs until Sunday.

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