Biden and Trump Unite in Controversial Protest Painting on Mexico Border Wall

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A painting of a kiss between former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden has been created on the border wall to denounce immigration restrictions and the reconstruction of the fence in the Binational Park of Friendship. This art installation was created by Mexican artists Chris Cuauhtli and Javier Salazar Rojas and is accompanied by a legend in English and Spanish that reads, “My God, help me survive this deadly love.”

The organization Friends of the Binational Friendship Park has been requesting a stop to these works for several months and is opposed to the renovation plan, which aims to raise the wall by 10 meters. They have also noted the impact on the space, which has been symbolically significant in reuniting families. Mendoza expressed her concern about the risks being faced by migrants and the loss of flora and fauna caused by the construction of the wall.

Though the US government has ignored the protests, Watman highlighted the importance of documenting the process to raise awareness of the consequences of the construction of the wall. He stressed the possibility of gaining support through documentation and halting the progress of the works.

Mendoza expressed her disappointment in Biden for breaking his promise about the wall and expressed concern that the symbolic space, which has allowed families to see each other, even from a distance, could be lost. The migratory flow on Mexican territory has increased by 8%, according to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The construction of the wall remains a point of contention, and activists continue to advocate for its cessation.

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