Biden criticizes Trump for not acting in the face of the attack on Capitol Hill

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, criticized his predecessor, Donald Trump, on Monday (07/25/2022) for not having acted during the assault on the Capitol, which he described as “medieval hell”.

“The brave law enforcement officers were victims of medieval hell for three hours, dripping with blood, surrounded by carnage, face to face with the crazed crowd that believed the lies of the defeated president,” Biden said on the sidelines of a conference of an organization of bosses. African-American police officers.

“For three hours, the defeated former president of the United States watched it all unfold, sitting in the comfort of the private dining room off the Oval Office,” he said.

“The police were heroic that day. Donald Trump lacked the courage to act,” Biden said, adding: “You can’t be for the insurrection and the police. You can’t be for the insurrection and the democracy. You can’t be pro-insurgency and pro-American.”

His criticism of Trump echoes the conclusion of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on Capitol Hill.

Last Thursday that committee accused the former president in prime time of having refused to stop or condemn the violence.

Biden has praised the police at a time when Republicans are criticizing him for the increase in violence in the country and a few months before the mid-term elections in November, in which it is estimated that the Democratic Party will be harmed.

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