Biden will not open the White House for Sánchez but Moncloa pleads for a meeting at the Climate Summit

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The Biden Administration has no intention that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, put one foot on the White House. Despite the efforts made by Moncloa to achieve this, diplomatic sources explain that Joe Biden’s cabinet has slammed this possibility on the grounds of the busy schedule of the US president. Now the efforts of the Sánchez and Foreign Affairs team are focused on achieving a photo in the only great event in which both leaders will coincide in the remainder of 2021: the Climate Summit the Glasgow.

The Socialist Executive has tried to subtract iron from the episode of Sánchez’s half-minute walk with Biden at the top of the OTAN in Brussels. But the truth is that, behind the scenes, the American rudeness has gone deep. Has hurt. This is admitted by diplomatic sources involved in the management of that meeting, who anticipate that Moncloa is already working on a new attempt to approach Biden to get rid of that ‘tumble’.

The first of Moncloa’s courses of action has already been deemed unsuccessful. It happened to manage, with enough time and through the Embassy in Madrid and the Foreign contacts with the US Secretary of State, a visit by Sánchez to the White House. It is confirmed by US diplomatic sources to OKDIARIO: the possibilities of this are practically nil for reasons “From agenda”.

It was even tried that Sánchez and Biden could see each other on that visit that Moncloa is last in New York and Los Angeles. If not in the White House, in another part of the country. But the doors are closed to Sánchez.

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Discarded that route, the cabinet of Sánchez only has find date so that Sánchez and Biden meet again. And so that, unlike the occasion in Brussels, it is not a sporadic meeting. Moncloa, these sources explain, seeks a meeting of both «sitting», chatting and of a certain duration. A ‘real’ photo.

The UN Assembly

The problem is that this plan also has its pitfalls. In the first place, that both leaders hardly have scheduled appointments in which they will coincide between now and the end of the year, the maximum horizon proposed by Moncloa to achieve the photo.

The first of those dates, they explain, is practically ruled out: the 76th United Nations Assembly scheduled for mid-September. This year, like the previous one, the presidents’ speeches at that meeting will be carried out electronically. Sánchez intervened from Moncloa last year.

At the end of September 2018, Sánchez got the photo with Donald Trump, the only official it has with a president of the United States. His wife also appears in the image, Begoña Gomez, and Trump’s wife, Melania.

Joe Biden Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Góez with Donald and Melania Trump in New York (Moncloa).

The only option: COP26

Moncloa has only one bullet left in the chamber: the meeting of international leaders for the Climate Summit (COP26), which will take place in early November in Glasgow (Scotland). This is the edition postponed in 2020.

The problem, diplomatic sources working in these scenarios understand, is that the agenda of that summit it is very tight And it will not be easy to fit in that Sánchez-Biden encounter.

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