Big rise in gasoline price in Germany at last of the tax cut

Big rise in gasoline price in Germany at last of the tax cut

The price of gasoline in Germany rose today at the end of a temporary reduction in fuel tax, according to data from the German motorists’ association ADAC.

Thus, the price of super E10 gasoline rose about 25 cents per liter, exceeding in many gas stations two euros per liter, while the day before it was below that mark, reported ADAC.

Diesel, which was already above two euros, exceeded 2.10 euros, and in some places up to 2.30 euros per liter.

“In view of the full tanks at gas stations, which until yesterday were filled at a low price, this cannot be justified in any way to consumers,” ADAC spokeswoman Katrin van Randenborgh said.

According to the report, to this is added the fact that prices have already risen significantly in the last two weeks, about 10 cents for E10 and about 20 cents for diesel. In total, the latest rise in the price of diesel is almost double the tax cut that has expired, Van Randenborgh added.

The fuel tax cut that the German government set for three months to alleviate the effects of inflation and high energy prices ended on 31st August.

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