Bildu pressures the PSOE to implement a new battery of green taxes

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Bildu wants the Government to solve the financing problems of the strong expected increase in public spending with new green taxes. The pro-etarras are already demanding that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez apply a whole new battery of green taxes and punish, incidentally, companies with a rise in the Corporation tax, as they have already demanded in the parliamentary processing of the Navarrese Budgets.

Bildu, one of the most influential partners in Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE, has already demanded more tax increases and the creation of new tax figures. The meeting point with the PSOE is not excessively complicated. And it is that in the recent Federal Congress of Socialists held in Valencia, they defended in their framework presentation, in fact, the same measures.

In that document, the PSOE, under the direct leadership of the Prime Minister, stated that “Spain is at the bottom of the OECD countries in the use of environmental taxation and shares with other countries around us the problems of polarization of income and wealth ”. “We propose to update the tax system in two directions: creation and strengthening of non-regressive environmental taxes and elimination of subsidies harmful to the environment,” added the document. That is to say, just the same that Bildu claims.

The PSOE also asked for increases in the taxation of companies. Pedro Sánchez, in this line, prepares a massive elimination of deductions in personal income tax and corporation tax. It does so while finalizing another fiscal blow to the companies, with the requirement of a minimum rate in companies of 15%.

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The PSOE’s fiscal approach in this matter goes through tax and punish companies’ access to the global market. For this, the PSOE prepares a new tax because, according to Pedro Sánchez’s teams, the global market should not be free. According to his thesis, there is another tax to be paid for having dared to export and have an international presence.

Tax policy

Everything appears in the aforementioned base document that the socialists have prepared and where the lines of their tax policy are collected: “We socialists reaffirm our commitment to set a minimum effective rate on corporation tax, which should also be accompanied by a notable simplification of tax incentives, within the framework of international agreements that are currently under discussion, ”said that document. But, “at the same time, within the framework of the European Union, and with the creation of new Community own resources, we are committed to the establishment of a common rate for large corporations that make the single market profitable to contribute to the financing of the Community budget ”.

Again, this line of action coincides with Bildu’s plan. In fact, this week, the pro-ETA members have made it clear that their support for the Socialist Budgets of the Navarrese president, Maria Chivite, go through these tax hikes.

The MP from EH Bildu, Adolfo Araiz, has warned in this line that the proetarras do not have “any firm agreement” with the provincial government on tax measures. And he pointed out that there are “deep differences” that will be resolved to the extent that a rise in Corporation Tax is adopted in the Autonomous Community or new green taxes are created.

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