Bill Gates gives $ 1.5 billion – if US Congress passes Biden package

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Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates wants $ 1.5 billion to reduce CO through his Breakthroug Energy fund2– Contribute emissions in the US. He makes it a condition that the US parliament approves a program of US President Joe Biden, in which technology to reduce emissions is promoted, reports the Wall Street Journal.

With the US Senate, a chamber of parliament approved Biden’s infrastructure package and the associated budget this week with 69 to 30 votes; 19 Republicans voted in favor. The package is worth around $ 550 billion; this includes US $ 25 billion for the US Department of Energy to finance public-private demonstration projects. A total of 100 billion US dollars is earmarked for combating climate change in the package. The approval of the House of Representatives is still pending.

Gates said in one Interview with the Wall Street Journalthat his fund could give the money over three years to projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The projects, which would have to compete with other applicants for funding, could, for example, develop emission-free fuel for aircraft and relate to technology for extracting carbon dioxide from the air.

Biden had presented his investment package, with which the infrastructure of his country is to be renewed, which originally comprised 2.4 trillion, in April. The budget, which has been slimmed down in negotiations since then, includes items for new roads and bridges, for public transport, for charging stations and electric buses as well as the broadband infrastructure, the power grid and the replacement of lead water pipes. In June it became clear that Biden could count on the approval of the US Senate.

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This year Gates had published a book in which he discussed climate change. He repeatedly made it clear that he sees technology as an important option in the fight against climate change, including nuclear power in particular. Breakthrough Energy is investing in Terra Power, a company that is working on a new way of generating electricity from nuclear power.


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