Bill Gates predicts the end of Google and Amazon

By: Dan Cooper

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Bill Gates Predicts The End of Search and Productivity Sites

During an AI event held on May 21 in San Francisco, California, Bill Gates warned of the potential downfall of search and productivity sites due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). He stated that AI will soon be able to understand human thought patterns, needs, and feelings, which will change user behavior and lead to the obsolescence of hundreds of tools and websites. Gates predicts that the competition between big tech companies will focus on who wins the “personal agent” race.

Leading the way in AI is Google with Bard, an alternative to ChatGPT, which is yet to be released to the market. Microsoft is also investing heavily in AI developers, such as OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and introducing the ChatGPT tool to Bing search engines and the Edge browser. Microsoft also plans to introduce AI to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Gates remains optimistic in Microsoft’s ability to win the “personal agent” race, thanks to their investments in the creator of ChatGPT. He stated that he would be disappointed if Microsoft did not step in, although he is impressed with startups, including Inflection.

These AI developments could signify the end of traditional search and productivity sites as we know them. It remains to be seen which company will emerge victorious in the race to develop the ultimate “personal agent.”

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