Bill Murray’s Birthday! We review the scandals of his life

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Bill Murray turns 71! The actor knew how to build a career full of successes such as Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and Lost in Tokyo. He was married to his first wife, Margaret Kelly, between 1981 and 1996, until he was unfaithful to Jennifer Butler. Later, he would form a family with his former lover with whom he maintained a stable relationship between 1997 and 2008 and they had four children.

Sadly, Murray’s second divorce was truly scandalous. Butler called for the end of the marriage “Due to the defendant’s adultery, his addiction to marijuana and alcohol, his conduct and physical abuse, his addiction to sex and frequent abandonment.” The woman’s lawyer accused the actor of having conduct “violent, abusive and erratic“and assured that she did not feel safe with her ex-husband.

The eccentric life of Bill Murray

At a strange moment in his striking life, this performer used to steal french fries from restaurant diners that he frequented. When they discovered him, he would tell them: “No one will believe you when you tell it“He was once found with ten pounds of marijuana at the Chicago Airport. He told another passenger that he had a bomb in his luggage …

There is a myth about the talented Bill Murray: apparently he is fond of bullfights in San Fermín. In the Spanish city of Pamplona there are urban legends about this ghost hunter who say that they saw him thrown in a portal clinging to a bottle of the famous Soberano brandy. They even claim that he participated in more than one run!

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At the height of his fame, the interpreter decided to take a break to study philosophy and history at the Sorbonne. Perhaps a decision that shows him in full length. He is not just another actor of the lot. He is also recognized in the film industry for his sudden mood swings. Dan Aykroyd, partner of yours in The Ghostbusters, gave him the nice nickname of “Murricane”, making a clever pun between his last name and “hurricane”.

Today this actor turns 71 who is one of the legends of Hollywood and that his life could well be a movie. The theme is to choose the main protagonist who can reflect all the charisma and extravagance that make this character one of the most beloved in the world of cinema. Bill Murray: We wish you a very happy birthday!


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