Bill Skarsgard makes and explains his participation in John Wick 4

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The famous protagonist of It, Bill Skarsgard, sounded like part of the cast of John Wick 4. The actor confirmed his presence and explained why he will be.

John Wick It has become, inadvertently, one of the most recognized sagas in action cinema. With Keanu Reeves’ relentless lead performance, the franchise has become one of the most striking in the genre. However, something in which they have been improving throughout the three films already released, is the distribution. Little by little, great stars of Hollywood to give more weight to the sequence. Ian McShane, Halle berry Y Laurence Fishburne came together at some point in history.

Now, for the fourth installment, the director Chad Stahelski has looked for ways to increase the representation of top-notch celebrities. That is why Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins Y Bill Skarsgard They have been recruited for what is to come. However, the latter’s presence was still a rumor. However, the same actor was in charge of confirming the advanced information.


According to the artist, “I think the movies are very entertaining. I’ve always been a fan of these sorts of exaggerated and exploitative action movies. ” Chad [Stahelski] I know He approached me and I met him several times, and I really liked him. It was a really fun role. I will not go into details [sobre] what it is, but it was fun role and a fun world. I like movies. I think they are entertaining and it’s something I haven’t done before. That is always something that inspires me, whatever it is. It’s like, ‘Okay, this is a project or genre or something that I haven’t done, so let’s give it a try and have fun within those genre limitations.’ So I’m looking forward to it, ”he said.

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Bill Skarsgard makes and explains his participation in John Wick 4

According to the above, he considers himself a fan of the saga and that prompted his decision. In addition, the profile of his character will be “something different. That’s why I wanted to do it ”. On this, the interpreter confirmed that his role does not require combat training. You might think, from his profile, that he could make a mastermind or an extremely intelligent and dark being, most likely.

John Wick 4 It will be in theaters from May 27, 2022.

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