17 Billie Eilish’s Hairstyles and Colors: Take a Look

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Some artists get encapsulated in a specific period of time, while others define it. It’s reasonable to assume Billie Eilish—and her hair—will be the latter, defining a period and symbolizing a generation of cool. From haircuts to hairstyles to, most importantly, hair colors, Eilish has done her rounds. 

You’ve heard of Billie Eilish, you adore her, and you aim to be her. Guess what? I’m one of them! Aside from the fact that Billie’s music is absolutely slamming, her jaw-dropping usage of hair colour as a technique to make a statement in her appearances is also jaw-dropping. There’s a lot to take in, y’all (no pun intended). 

Billie’s silver hair was first showcased, but now it’s all about that legendary neon green and black dye job, which made me wonder what Billie’s true hair colour is. And how many different hair colours has she experimented with since becoming famous? Today is your lucky day, reader, if you’ve been asking yourself these similar questions. Here are some of Billie Eilish’s most memorable hair moments.

Billie Eilish’s Hair Transformation

1. Braids for Pigtails

Billie Eilish New Hairstyle - New Hairstyle

This trendy spin on a traditional look is these silver-coated pigtail braids. There’s nothing overdone or overthought about Billie Eilish’s appearance; it’s just a classic, unashamed statement of what works for her at the time.

2. Headband with a Sporty Feel

A Look At Billie Eilish Nails & Hair Oscars 2020

Headbands are a trendy hair accessory, and while there are many ways to wear the fashionable item that puts a feminine spin on it, it’s no surprise to see Eilish do it her own way, classically athletic and classically different from what the rest of us are wearing. A genuine trailblazer.

3. Icy Top Knot

Billie Eilish Launches Initiative To Get Her Fans To Vote

For lighter, blonder strands, the once-avoided frosty and ashy adjectives have become a highly wanted colour objective. In fact, it’s become its own colour request. And, to be honest, we wouldn’t be shocked if Eilish was to blame for the dip in popularity. On frosty blonde hair, this half-up top knot is the ideal cool-girl look.

4. Pastel Fading

Billie Eilish Is Smurfed About Having Blue Hair

Eilish chose a faded version of the brilliant teal hair colour, which was popular at the time. Even with its diluted tone, this shade of blue has a strong presence and contrasts beautifully with her bright blue eyes.

5. Lilac with a Hood

Billie Eilish | Billie eilish, Billie, Purple hair

Eilish, a Gen Zer, is paving the way as a hair symbol for her generation, albeit a lilac hooded icon. While other celebrities such as Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie, and Halsey have had purple hair with luster and flair, Eilish wears hers with a badass attitude and barely coiffed attempts.

6. Dusty Lavender

How Billie Eilish's Hair Color Has Changed Over Time

One of our favourite things about Eilish’s multiple hair colours is how she’s styled each hair colour changes as a separate look. She wore a dusty lavender that made us all yearn as she progressed from that desired lilac to gunmetal grey.

7. Gray Gunmetal

Billie Eilish's Best Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Going grey is no longer a fashion faux pas, but rather a conscious decision. Leave it to Eilish to style her undone hair in a new fashionable hue, layered with hefty silver chains.

8. Mirrors and Smoke

cute, celebrity and icon - image #7075858 on Favim.com

The pop artist appears to be aware that her hair makeovers are a game of smoke and mirrors, leaving us guessing as to what will happen next. Is there a new record on the way? Is this a stepping stone to another colour in the hair colour spectrum? She wears each outfit with ease, regardless of the significance. One of our fave cosmetic combos of hers to date is this smoky silver hue with freckled gold leaf.

9. Turquoise

every Billie Eilish song playing at once (updated) - YouTube

This brilliant blue tint has been rather popular in recent years, and it’s actually quite simple to make from the comfort of your own home.

10. Black and Blue Streaks

Billie Eilish Posted an Adorable Video of Kids Climbing Over Her Ahead of  Her Children's Clothing Line

 Who said you had to have blonde highlights? It might be difficult to get rid of certain hair hues. Eilish used faded turquoise for her highlighted streaks, breaking up the look with chunks of black lowlights.

11. As dark as the night

I never wanted a normal life': Billie Eilish, the Guardian artist of 2019 | Billie  Eilish | The Guardian

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add this all-over black as one of our faves because it’s one of her hair’s healthiest looks ever. It’s critical to maintain proper at-home care for coloured strands. To help nourish and preserve your coloured hair, check out our selection of colorist-approved products.

12. Buns from Outer Space

Billie Eilish Announces New Hair To Come With New Album

Eilish is dressed in a space bun inspired by the early 1990s. We recommend using the Remington 1″ Anti-static flat iron to give your buns a similar stick straight and piece-y look.

13. Silver Platinum

Billie Eilish News on Twitter: "We missed it but it's back! @billieeilish  via Instagram. https://t.co/CeQvlgNiIF" / Twitter

Billie toned down the platinum that year, opting for a more silver tint with a beautiful shine that reminds me of metallics.

14. Green Seafoam

𝚋𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚑𝚊𝚒𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚛𝚜 𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝟹 | Billie-Eilish Amino

To be honest, I think this is one of Billie’s best hair colours to date. Do you see how her hair matches her eyes to a tee? This was certainly a one-of-a-kind hue.

15. Brunette 

Billie Eilish Shows Off Brunette Hair at Hitmakers Brunch

Bonus! Billie donned a brown lace-front wig for her thought-provoking video for “Xanny,” and everyone was stunned since her hair colour matched the colour of her eyebrows for the first time, LOL. I’d want to see it!

16. Bloned Bleach

Billie Eilish drops her signature green hair by bleaching it blonde; Grammy  winner now has curtain bangs | PINKVILLA

Billie said that she’ll change up her characteristic green-and-black hair when new music arrives, ahead of the premiere of her documentary, The World’s a Little Blurry. “After the doctor comes out, I’m altering it [my hair colour]… “Imma gives you a new age,” she declared in December, before adding, “it’ll be the end of an era.” It appears that said period is approaching—can’t wait!

17. Beehive with a Deep Root

Billie Eilish Full Hair Evolution: From Slime Green to Short Blonde Hair -  FASHION Magazine

With the right cut, colour, and style, a classic ’50s haircut may be transformed. Eilish, of course, went with all three changes to give her classic beehive a bold-rooted twist, with face-framing layers tumbling down and out for a looser, more relaxed attitude.

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