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Billie Eilish Hurls Chair During Intense Hot Wings Challenge with Finneas

Billie Eilish Hurls Chair During Intense Hot Wings Challenge with Finneas

Billie Eilish is known for her passionate performances and fearless attitude, and her recent participation in the “Hot Ones Versus” challenge alongside her brother, Finneas, further showcased her fiery side.

In this exhilarating segment from First We Feast, the objective was straightforward but tough: answer deeply personal questions or eat a scorching hot wing. The questions were designed to be challenging enough to push the contestants to their limits.

One of the questions Eilish had to tackle required her to pull out her phone and read the last entry in her notepad. Luckily for her, the entry was a text from her dad. However, Finneas faced a more challenging question: name one artist he’d never want to work with again. The question was so daunting that he decided to eat a hot wing instead of answering. Even though he eventually did answer, his response was blurred and bleeped out, maintaining the mystery.

Eilish had her fair share of tough questions too. She was asked to rank four artists—Tyler the Creator, Lana Del Rey, Childish Gambino, and Justin Bieber—from most to least talented. This question was daunting enough for Eilish to reach for a hot wing.

Things escalated quickly when Eilish, feeling the heat, took off her shirt, echoing a moment reminiscent of Heidi Klum. The intensity of the challenge was evident as the siblings walked around the set, discussing their performances post-challenge.

“I did really well, to be fair. I didn’t have one sip of water, one sip of milk,” Eilish boasted. “And I ate almost all of them.” Indeed, Eilish’s determination was clear from the outset. She started eating the first wing simply out of hunger, proving that she was up for the challenge.

The climax came when Billie, feeling the spiciness all over her body, picked up her chair and tossed it, exclaiming, “Should I eat the last one or not?! I can taste the sweat dripping into my mouth from my face.” This outburst was a testament to the level of heat the siblings endured during the challenge.

This unforgettable episode further proved Billie Eilish’s and Finneas’ ability to handle intense situations with humor and resilience, making for an entertaining watch.

Source: ET Online, First We Feast