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Billy Gunn Reflects on TNA Run with The Beautiful People in AEW

Billy Gunn Reflects on TNA Run with The Beautiful People in AEW

While many wrestling fans will know him for his time in WWE as a member of D-Generation X, and more recently AEW as “Daddy Ass,” long-time fans of Billy Gunn will remember that he spent a good portion of his career in TNA. From 2005 to 2009, Gunn went by many names while wrestling in the Impact Zone, such as The Outlaw, Kip James, and Cute Kip, the latter of which while being the only male member of the popular stable The Beautiful People alongside Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne.

On “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Gunn revealed that his time in TNA came at a point in his life where he was not in a great headspace, meaning he couldn’t enjoy his stint with the company as much as he probably should have. However, he did enjoy his time as part of The Beautiful People, as it leaned into the philosophy he lives by in AEW; just have fun.

“I love the girls, The Beautiful People were amazing,” Gunn said. “Trying to redo the thing with Brian, Road Dogg … it was a thing that we were trying to recreate, but when I was with the girls it was so much fun because they made it fun. It wasn’t just me, like they put me with them for a reason, it was just kind of window dressing at the time, but the girls had total trust in me. They believed, to me, they knew that if they had questions or wanted to do something that I wasn’t going to just do something, it’s never about me, it just isn’t.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.