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Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose Trade Abuse Allegations Amid Messy Divorce

With the stack of court documents piling up, the legal battle between Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose appears to be escalating rapidly. Over the past seven months of their tumultuous marriage, accusations have flown back and forth, painting a grim picture of their relationship. Initially, Firerose accused Cyrus of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. However, Cyrus has now pushed back with his own allegations. On June 24, he submitted additional documents to the Williamson County Chancery Court in Tennessee, accusing Firerose of being the one who was abusive.

One document, obtained by USA Today, indicated that while Cyrus acknowledged being vocal, frustrated, and angry with Firerose in May 2024, he claimed it was actually he who had been abused. The document stated that he had been verbally, emotionally, and even physically abused. To support his claims, Cyrus included an affidavit from his manager, Scott Adkins, who witnessed the alleged abuse firsthand.

Cyrus further asserted that Firerose threatened him when he confronted her about her previous marriage and the origin of the last name “Hodges”. According to Cyrus, Firerose warned him that if he filed for divorce, she would tell everyone it was because of her double mastectomy—a threat she ultimately followed through on. The ongoing accusations suggest that the situation may deteriorate further before any resolution is reached.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. More information, resources, and support are available on their website.

Source: USA Today, People