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Billy Ray Cyrus Labeled ‘Evil’ After Abuse Allegations by Ex Firerose

Firerose is speaking out about her seven-month marriage to her estranged husband, Billy Ray Cyrus. In a recent interview with Page Six, the Australian singer, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges, described Billy Ray Cyrus as an “evil man.” This statement comes just over a month after Cyrus filed for divorce and amid mutual accusations of abuse.

Firerose recounted that “Billy had very strict rules.” She said she didn’t have a car and was only allowed to go to the local chiropractor and once a month to get her nails done.

In a counter-complaint filed on June 14 in Tennessee court, Firerose accused Cyrus of “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse.” She said he isolated her from everyone she knew and made her feel like a “prisoner” in their Tennessee home. According to her, she had to read out text messages and emails to him for permission before sending them. A friend mentioned that “it felt like Firerose was in a prison that she didn’t sign up for,” with Firerose herself calling it “systematic isolation.”

She also alleged that Cyrus would rage at her, shouting and calling her demeaning names. “He would terrify me, yelling, ‘You stupid dumb f-ing b-, crazy whore.’ It was illogical and insane and terrifying,” she said. Firerose added that Cyrus also subjected her to silent treatment for hours or even days, making her withdraw in fear of talking.

Last week, in court documents filed in Tennessee, Cyrus denied Firerose’s “mind boggling” abuse claims made in her June 14 filing. His lawyers stated that her accusations were made to sensationalize her complaints. Cyrus claimed, “it is the plaintiff who, in fact, has been abused. Not only verbally and emotionally by the Defendant but PHYSICALLY abused by Defendant.”

Firerose further opened up about her claim that Cyrus filed for divorce on the same day she was scheduled to have a double mastectomy. After being diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene and deciding to undergo the procedure, Firerose said Cyrus kicked her out and filed for divorce that very day.

“When Billy decided to discard me it was [in] a brutal way. I would never treat another human being so cruelly,” she reflected. She called the ongoing legal battle “excruciatingly painful” and described it as a smear campaign by someone she was deeply in love with for four years. She added, “I think he will use every single thing against me. He’s an evil man.”

Representatives for Cyrus did not respond to Page Six’s request for comment. However, on the same day, the outlet’s story was published, Cyrus shared a message on Instagram. “Happy Sunday everybody! Don’t believe I’ve ever heard the word LIAR this much on Sunday morning. I’m sure very soon the truth will be revealed,” he wrote.

Source: Page Six