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Bindi Irwin Delivers Major News, Thrilling Fans

Bindi Irwin Delivers Major News, Thrilling Fans

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the legendary “Crocodile Hunter” and wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin, recently shared some significant career news. So, what did Bindi have to say about her latest endeavors?

Steve Irwin and his family have remained prominent in the public eye since his tragic passing in 2006. To honor his legacy, his wife, Terri, along with their children, have continued his work in wildlife conservation. Bindi Irwin, in particular, has taken up her father’s mantle and also has a family of her own.

Bindi is now a mother to a daughter named Grace. This means she has a lot going on in her life, juggling family responsibilities with her conservation work. Despite their tragic past, viewers are heartened to see the Irwin family thriving.

Bindi Irwin - Australia Zoo - YouTube

Steve Irwin’s memory remains vibrant nearly two decades after his death. Bindi has previously mentioned that her daughter, Grace, watches old episodes of “Crocodile Hunter” and through them, gets to know her grandfather.

The Irwin family also runs the Australia Zoo, a 700-acre establishment in Queensland that houses a diverse range of wildlife. Because of its connection to Steve Irwin, the zoo attracts numerous visitors every year. This ongoing interest helps fund the conservation projects that were so important to Steve.

Visitors to the zoo can choose from various tour packages, ensuring a memorable experience. Increasing visitor numbers directly support the conservation initiatives that Steve Irwin dedicated his life to.

Grace's joy - Bindi Irwin - Instagram

Bindi Irwin has now announced a major career move. She is adding “published author” to her list of achievements. She recently shared the news of her new book with her followers and fans.

In a social media post, Bindi revealed her latest children’s book with a short video clip. She included a caption saying, “Crikey! This is a big announcement! You Are a Wildlife Warrior! will be available in the US and Australia on February 4, 2025. Pre-order your copy today at the link in @bindisueirwin or @randomhousekids’ bio.”

Messages of congratulations poured in for Bindi following this announcement.

  • Her mother, Terri Irwin, expressed her pride, saying, “I am tremendously proud of you, @bindisueirwin. You are a wonderful mama and a true Wildlife Warrior! Your book is beautiful and brilliant. A fantastic, fun story for everyone!”
  • Another fan commented, “Congrats Bindi. A great children’s book that captures the life of a wildlife warrior such as yourself and now your daughter! You have grown into a lovely young lady and mother!”

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Source: TV Shows Ace, Instagram