BioWare celebrates Mass Effect’s N7 Day and sends this message to their community

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Mass Effect turns fourteen and both BioWare and Electronic Arts want to celebrate. Be in N7 Day, a day marked by the name of what is undoubtedly one of the most important franchises in modern video game history. With a new installment already in development and with the recent launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the North American studio has published an entry on its official blog where they review the history of the series, offer new guides cosplay, contests and discounts. In addition, the main architects of the saga have sent a message to the community.

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Mass Effect’s N7 Day, a day to look back

Mac Walters and Mike GambleBioWare veterans invite fans to stop for a moment and reflect on the present, but also on a past full of adventures and memories at the hands of Commander Shepard in Normandy. “It’s about the freedom to choose”Says Walters, who has worked on the entirety of the installments and most recently served as Project Director on Mass Effect Legendary Edition. “My character. My story. My style of play. And, naturally, deal with all the consequences of those choices. “

Because this space opera It has always been a story that can be molded to the player’s decisions; no matter how much destiny and the will to save the universe are shared. Decision making, branched narrative, development of our protagonist… “We only had a minimal idea of ​​what it would be like. [Mass Effect]. We knew we wanted to create a great space opera inspired by the dystopian science fiction movies of the 80s. The rest was like a blank slate, “acknowledges Gamble, current Project Director of the future Mass Effect game for the new generation.

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During these last ten years, Mass Effect has stopped being a video game saga to become a media franchise: novels, comics, statues, board games … A lore as rich as it is organically nourished thanks both to these derivative products and to fans capable of squeezing out every little detail of the universe

Mass Effect is colored with celebration: offers, contests, GIFs and much more

On the occasion of N7 Day, BioWare offers its users offers through Steam, Origin and Microsoft Store for a limited time in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition; cosplay guide for those who want to dress up as the most iconic characters; Twitter contests under the hashtag #BioWareGiveaway; even a page of Giphy dedicated to creating GIFs of all kinds related to Mass Effect.

BioWare knows that fans want to dress for the occasion. From the Gear Store, Dark Horse, PowerA and Graph MKT They have published new accessories, replicas, illustrations, etc.

Finally, a series of statistics about the Mass Effect saga that we can already see on Twitter. For example, 40% of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players have chosen to be soldiers with a survivor attitude. The Squadmate most likely to survive the Suicide Mission? Garrus.

Mass Effect turns fourteen; the future, for its part, looks just as encouraging as a new era begins.


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