Bit-Noise, the Processor Podcast: Shortage of Graphics Cards, Who Makes It?

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Graphics cards with GPU chips from AMD and Nvidia have been in short supply – for more than a year. More and more graphics cards are being sold, and AMD and Nvidia have each increased their sales by over 50 percent. Many retailers sell Radeon and GeForce cards far more expensive than the respective price recommendations and “scalpers” snatch away the scarce goods in order to sell them at a higher price on trading platforms such as eBay.

Why does nothing in this situation change, who makes money from it? What exactly are AMD and Nvidia doing against the GPU shortage? What does mining of the cryptocurrency Ethereum have to do with it? And what is different with game consoles like the Sony Playstation 5 (PS5), which are also in short supply?

Heise editors Mark Mantel and Christof Windeck talk about this in the 2021/25 edition of “Bit noise: The processor podcast from c’t”.

Podcast bit noise, episode 2021/25 :

Issue column bit noise from c’t 1/2022: Stronger ARMs for smartphones and servers, Raspberry IPO

Qualcomm and MediaTek bring improved smartphone processors. The Raspberry Pi Foundation wants to go public and RISC-V is only slowly gaining momentum.

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