“Bitter Land”: the reunion of Yilmaz and Züleyha and everything that happened in the episode of November 9

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The Turkish soap opera “Bitter land”(“ Bir Zamanlar Çukurova ”in its original language) began to be broadcast in Spain on July 4, 2021 by the Antena 3 signal. The story that follows Züleyha (Hilal Altinbilek) y Yilmaz (Ugur Gunes) has become one of the favorites of the Spanish public.

As you recall, in the chapter of Monday, November 8, Yilmaz found out that Zuleyha He never gave up on him, so he desperately wants to talk to her. However, when they were about to meet, Hunkar prevented the young woman from leaving the mansion.

Secondly, iron, who is in jail, stabbed himself in the abdomen with a knife in order to be transferred to a hospital and from there escape. Next, we tell you the 4 most important things that happened in the chapter of Tuesday, November 9 in “Bitter Land

Züleyha manages to escape from the mansion with the help of Gülten. The young woman leaves with the van and meets Yilmaz. The most awaited moment finally happened.

Yilmaz tells Züleyha that he read her letter and that since then he has not been well. The young man apologizes for all the things he said and for not having trusted her.

Züleyha is happy because her lover finally found out the whole truth and explains what really happened: “They threatened me with your life, to take my son from me”. At that moment, while they are talking, Demir appears.

Demir’s plan has worked. The young man has managed to escape from prison and has gone to retrieve Züleyha. However, Yilmaz will do his best to avoid losing his beloved once again.

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Demir, who is wounded after stabbing himself, orders Züleyha to get in the car. She refuses, but Hünkar and his son Adnan are also in the car.

Yilmaz tries to stop Demir from taking Züleyha, but Züleyha draws his gun and points it at her. In that, the young woman stands in the middle of the two. “I see that you would come to give your life for him, if you go with Yilmaz you will never see Adnan again”Demir tells his wife.

After being threatened, once again, Züleyha gets into the car, and what Yilmaz does not know is that Adnan is actually her son and that she would give her life for him.

After one of the most tense encounters between Yilmaz and Demir in memory, the latter manages to take his wife away.

Demir wants to flee the country, but Züleyha refuses to live as a fugitive. However, she has no other choice, as she fears for the life of her son.

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