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Bizarre Video: Bird Appears to Transmit Radio Message, Spooks Influencer

A recent video has left the internet buzzing. With over 12 million views, the clip showcases a small bird perched on top of a car, seemingly engaging in a conversation. The video, posted by Kaitlyn Kerby, has sparked a mix of fascination and confusion among viewers, many of whom are bewildered by the bird’s behavior.

Kerby shared the video on Saturday, expressing her disbelief at the event. “Ya’ll I didn’t believe in the ‘if it flies it spies’ until this bird LITERALLY STARTED TALKING this morning,” she wrote. She called on her followers to help her understand the bizarre occurrence, as she and a friend debated the authenticity of what they were witnessing.

The exact location of the incident remains unclear, but according to Kerby’s social media profiles, she is based in O’ahu, Hawaii.

The video begins with the bird repeating words in a deep, robotic voice, as Kerby records in astonishment. The bird continues to look around and speak, prompting one person in the video to exclaim, “Wait, it just peed,” as it begins to chirp loudly. The bird then stretches its body, stands upright, and continues speaking in the same robotic tone as the video concludes.

Comment sections were quickly inundated with users eager to identify the bird and share their thoughts. Some identified it as a myna bird, known for its ability to mimic sounds and speech. “It’s a myna bird! They mimic sounds and talk,” one commenter explained. Another person added, “I have a myna bird. It’s probably somebody’s pet. They cost around $4000. May want to let your neighbors know.”

Despite many viewers agreeing that the bird might be a myna, some suggested more unconventional theories, like it being a drone. The sight of an animal speaking left several users unsettled, with one commenting, “This would send me into psychosis,” while another quipped, “What in the hunger games.”

The unusual video has not only sparked a debate about the nature of the bird but has also highlighted the fascination and intrigue that such peculiar occurrences can generate online. As more people view the clip, the conversation around the mysterious ‘talking’ bird continues to grow, drawing even more attention to the bizarre event.