Black Clover Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Characters, and Story

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The fans of Black Clover across the world are all excited and waiting for updates on the next season of their favorite anime. The anime is based on the manga of the same name, which is still ongoing and is published in Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. Currently, you can check out thirty-two volumes of the manga. The anime, however, is licensed by Viz Media in North America.

The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in 2016. The production has been taken care of by Studio Pierrot, renowned for producing other big-name series such as Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Naruto. Directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, the series also has multiple spin-offs, video game crossovers, and more in the store.

So far, Black Clover has released four seasons, all of which have received a great response from anime lovers. So, will they have to wait longer, or is the fifth season of Black Clover nearing the release?

Here are all the updates about the Black Clover season 5 release date and other relevant details.

What is the Expected Release Window of Black Clover Season 5?

According to the latest news and reports, Black Clover season 5 will take more time to brace the TV screens. You can expect the series to come out sometime in the fall of 2024. Some reports suggest that the release date may be pushed to winter 2025 too. So, what is the reason for such a delayed release of the anime?

It is said that the series is focusing on the movie which is scheduled to release this year. Following the movie’s release, fans can expect the series to provide updates concerning the return of the anime.

What is the Plot of Black Clover?

Black Clover anime is created by Yuki Tabata and stars Asta in the lead role. He is a young orphan boy with no magical abilities, living in a world where nearly everyone possesses them. He is lifelong friends with Yuno, a boy from his orphanage who has an incredible talent for wind magic. They both live in the land called Clover Kingdom, which has a powerful wizard, the Wizard King, as second in power next to the real king.

In some series of events, the best of friends turn into the worst of enemies, dreaming of becoming the next Wizard King one day. Sadly, Asta lacks the magic he requires to take the position until he discovers a mysterious five-leaf grimoire that grants him the ability to use powerful anti-magic. The duo becomes Magic Knights, and their journey to Wizard King takes off.

What Happened in Black Clover Season 4?

A lot happened in the fourth season of the series, both on and off the camera. Ayataka Tanemura replaced the previous director of the show, and Kanichi Katou replaced the lead writer. The season came to an end with viewers learning the truth about the devil without the protagonist’s grimoire.

In the final episode, the anti-magic devil narrates the rules of power in the underworld that he was tormented because of little magic he had. It led to his adoption by a woman named Lichita, who also gave him another name – Liebe. In a shocking series of events, it was revealed that she is Asta’s biological mother. Unfortunately, Lichita is mortally wounded trying to protect her son from a powerful devil named Lucifero.

Besides learning the demon’s backstory, Asta overcomes and befriends Liebe in the final episode of this season. The Clover and Heart Kingdoms start their attack on the Spade Kingdom in an attempt to protect the barrier between the living world and the underworld. Besides maintaining the integrity of the barrier, the two allied Kingdoms fight to rescue their captured people, including Princess Loropechika.

Following the end of the fourth season, many assumptions are already being made about what happens next.

What Will be the Plot of Season 5?

Assuming the series follows the direction of the manga, the battle will take place in the upcoming ‘movie’ version. After its conclusion, Asta and Liebe will achieve a United Form, which will multiply their fighting capabilities by leaps and bounds. Fans also predict that more information on Asta’s mother will likely come to light.

In another series of assumptions, Asta’s childhood friend Yuno may consult with Langris to learn more about Golden Dawn. Some fans also believe that the Spade Kingdom will perform a surprise attack and invade the Clover Kingdom before the alliance even has a chance to strike. It would intensify the plot and lead to tragedy.

To the lack of source material ahead of the anime timeline, most of the above predictions for the upcoming season are very speculative. Until more chapters of the manga are released, it is impossible to know what lies ahead. That said, the chances of the return of Kana Yuki’s Noelle Silva as a possible love interest for Asta are very high.

Some More Information on Season 5

With the manga churning out satisfying content, the anime is all set to gear up for some spectacular encounters. The release of episode 170 has given a good look to the fans at which chapters are adapted. After these episodes, Black Clover has adapted 272 chapters worth of the manga, evening things out to 1.6 chapters per episode released. The interruption that occurred with the series has led to a pause at an inconvenient point.

With the Spade Kingdom Raid arc on the horizon, the build-up to the Spade Kingdom Raid arc will be great fun to watch. Watching Asta train with Nacht and Liebe is another thing the fans have been waiting for. It is likely where they will see the anime resume its story.

Saving Yami is a gripping plot point that will keep them glued to their screens, setting high expectations and letting every member of the Black Bulls put their best foot forward in the rescue attempt.

Can I Watch the Trailer for Black Clover Season 5?

While the expected release date of the fifth season remains uncertain, the trailer for the new season, too, seems to be far off. As of now, no trailer or even a teaser has been released by the makers. As a staunch fan of the anime, it would be good to wait for word from the team.

Why Should I Watch Black Clover?

There are many things that make Black Clover superior to other anime. If you haven’t followed the series, it’s about time you do it for the reasons listed below.

It is Easy to Jump on the Story

The Manga of Black Clover is out and already available in the market, which makes it easy to read everything about the plot. The manga version of Black Clover includes 129. But do not worry about its length, for it is an interesting read, and if you enjoy reading, you will surely love to follow the manga and jump on the story of the anime. Reading the manga version will also allow you to compare the TV series with the original story to find out how closely the two align.

Watch it For the Similarities Between Different Shows

Do you know there are similarities between Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul, and Bleach?

One thing that stands immediately out with Black Clover is the fact that the plot is revealed early on. It is okay for some viewers to know what happens while others like to keep things under wraps. You are definitely going to enjoy this anime if you have already watched the likes of it.

Yuno is a Fan Favorite

Although the main character throughout the anime is Asta, it is Yuno who has the hearts of the fans. He is not heavily promoted but it is in the mystery of his character that many people find the greatest intrigue. Throughout the manga and the anime version, Yuno remains the same. Fans of anime often compare him with Sasuka and Vegeta, and most describe him as the most interesting character on the show.

The Protagonists Follow the Tradition of Naruto

One of the things remarked about most often in this anime is that Yumo is an underrated character, just like Sasuke in Naruto. Asta takes a hard line with a loud voice like Naruto, which works for some viewers, while others find fault and believe it needs to be updated and a little more modern. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of Naruto, you will surely enjoy this series and want more of it.

Great Pacing of the Plot

One thing that makes Black Clover stand out from other anime shows is the great pacing of its plot. Black Clover doesn’t include many fillers in the anime. On the contrary, the series adapts its manga fully and does not necessarily dedicate its time to adding unwanted information to keep the audience consumed.

There are fillers that the series uses for fun episodes that actually expand on the lore of certain characters and give its less prominent characters a moment to shine. It is where the makers try to balance the characters rightly. Many critics have claimed that Black Clover is an easy-to-follow show with a solid foundation.

Watch it for Character Development

If you are finding reasons to watch this show, watch it for the development of the characters. The shonen anime follows the same formula as its companions and entertains a good and solid protagonist. It also throws light on the second lead character who is the favorite of many audiences, and some of them love him even more than the main character.

Everyone in the anime is born with special energy called mana, utilized in the form of magical power. The journey of these characters keeps you glued to the television screen for the longest time. Besides Asta and Yuno, the character development of other characters on the show is worth admiring. There are good supporting characters like Zora, Noelle Silba, and Mimosa Vermillion. The best thing about the supporting characters on the show is that they are not overbearing and steal the light from the protagonist but shine in their own screen time.

Where can I Watch Black Clover?

While there is still some time before the release of the fifth season of the anime, you can stream all four seasons, in the meantime, on Crunchyroll. Black Clover is also available to read on the Shonen Jump website.

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