Black Friday 2021 Amazon: How to sign up for a sold out Flash deal

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Although they have been with pre-Black Friday for a month and started with the same Black Friday since last week, today Friday 26 the Amazon sales are maximum, so the public interest in getting the stock of these is also maximum, about all because of the appeal of Flash deals like these for mobiles, laptops and memory cards.

Amazon Waiting List

One of the Amazon discounts are Flash offers, discounts that have a maximum duration of 5-10 hours or until stocks are exhausted since they are sometimes difficult to catch precisely because of how quickly they disappear.

For this reason, and always thinking of satisfying users, Amazon invented the Wait List function, which indicates that all available promotional discounts have been added to the customers’ cart, but that not all orders have been placed.

Therefore, if we see this button active in a Flash offer that interests us, we still have an opportunity to get hold of that object, since if the customers who added the products to their Cart do not finalize the order in the next 15 minutes, the promotional discount will once again be available to customers on the waiting list on a subscription basis.

To subscribe to a Flash Offer and receive alerts if the promotional discount is available again, do the following:

  1. Click on Join the waiting list in a flash offer to subscribe to the waiting list.
  2. When you are the next customer on the waiting list, you will see an alert at the top right of the page indicating that the offer is available.
  3. Add the offer to your cart while it is still available.
  4. If you do not add the offer to your cart within the next 15 minutes, you will be will remove from the list of waiting.
  5. Complete your purchase to benefit from the discount.

There are no guarantees, but there is an opportunity

The Waiting List automatically expires at the end of the promotion, and therefore the customers on this they will not be able to apply the flash offer past this time. The Join Waiting List button will remain active as long as there are places available on the waiting list. If it is inactive, it will be activated again automatically when there are places available again.

Of course, keep in mind that joining the waiting list does not guarantee that the offer will be available, but at least it gives us an extra chance.


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