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Black Panther 2: Is Atlantis Really Wakanda’s Next Threat?

After Thanos’ attack in Infinity War, will Wakanda have to defend against the seafaring people of Atlantis? 

Many fans are wondering what the future of Black Panther 2 will be in the next Phases of the MCU. The death of Chadwick Boseman to cancer at the age of 43 this summer, having shaken up the initial plans of Marvel, the House of Ideas is now considering the scriptwriting possibilities available to it. If rumour has it that Shuri, T’Challa’s sister played by Letitia Wright, replaces the King of Wakanda as Black Panther, nothing has yet been confirmed. The studios will still wait a long time before revealing their strategy. However, that does not prevent us from thinking more broadly about the scenario of the sequel to Black Panther., several speculations having also suggested the arrival of the famous Namor.

Indeed, no matter who will find himself at the head of Wakanda in the next adaptation of Black Panther, the future leader will most certainly meet his aquatic counterpart. At the head of Atlantis, Namor is announced as the next antagonist of the film, his kingdom thus being able to represent the future threat against the people of T’Challa. Although these two camps have many similarities such as living in hiding, having unpublished resources or having been seriously affected by the actions of the Avengers, there is however a good chance that they will clash. Indeed, following the events of Endgame, Namor and his people might want to prey on the inhabitants living on the surface, blaming them for attacking the Mad Titan. It would not be surprising if the Atlanteans also suffered the consequences of Thanos’ snap, the population having been razed to the ground after the events of Infinity War.

A technological war could also oppose these two clans, in particular vis-à-vis Vibranium. Shuri, if she were to become the next Black Panther, could attempt to defend the resources of her people against Atlantis. If the first film had seen Ulysses Klaue make this precious metal the object of his lusts, the sequel could use the same scriptwriting spring. Namor might want to go after Wakanda after offering him a deal. Having previously refused this deal, the Atlanteans could also attack the country after they saw its people share their resources with other heroes and civilizations. This could also be one of the consequences of Avengers: Endgameobserved in Phase 4 of the MCU. Another possibility, however, is that Wakanda attack Atlantis. With the post of King now vacant, the interim could be taken over by someone with nefarious intentions, who seeks to plunder the resources of the Atlanteans.

If this would offer a new apprehension of Wakanda, then there is no doubt that the people of Namor would like to respond. Perceived as an anti-hero, the latter could also at the end of this fight, finally join his former enemy in order to defend the Earth and the galaxy against a formidable invasion. Because if several clues suggest that Secret Invasion may be the next crossover in the MCU, it would not be surprising if the superheroes including Namor, team up to defend their civilization against the Skrulls. A scenario that fans are impatiently awaiting and which could represent an unprecedented apprehension of the Atlanteans, Avengers: Endgame having also teased the arrival of the latter soon in the MCU.

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